Cross regions war update

Change the region rank to a win/loss ratio rather than to the most active region. The players on a server have really no influence into how active a server is, prizes should not depend on such thing. Its so easy to make a ranking on a win/loss ratio and it would be more fair. A weak but really big active server could win 1st prize while other regions are stronger. It should be the players that have an influence on the rank of a server, not scopely’s bad matchmaking or bad way of maintaining a healthy server population.

That said i’d also say that the prizes that are handed out should be better. The prizes for top 3 dont even compare to what a old normal region war would give you, but now its distributed over 8 servers, it’s rubbish. 8x servers = 8x joy. Give a special prize to the one who ends in the first rank, instead of having faction nr 2, put factions 2-9, 10-25. In these tiers of ranks, introduce a seperate smaller ranked system, that gives some extra 5* tokens or something minor that is still worth a fight to keep a good competition going.

Like this we at least all have prizes we are working hard for. Top 3 on one server, should feel the same ‘prize wise’ as top 25 in cross regions


Prizes need massive improvement especially in 8 region battles. Getting 8th in a 8 region matchup is equivalent of top 3 in a 3 region matchup in most cases and the prizes should reflect that. I don’t like the idea of changing to win loss record determining 1st place tho. That just makes whoever coins the most win. If the factions are closely matched but one kills faster and plays smarter but doesn’t coin endlessly they should win if they have more points. Besides with 8 regions going at it everyone is getting matched constantly.


Crw is just fine as is, let most active region win the war, the region deserve some sort of reward for being more active, the best team will win crw and that’s what really matter. The prize structure needs to improve but the way the w8nning region is calculated is perfect


So this is fair then?

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Region placement really doesn’t even matter. The rewards and difference between them are negligible.

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Yes it is, they played more wars


Who cares about the region ranking. All that matters is faction ranking. Region ranking could be interesting if the rewards where good but a few 5☆ tokens who cares

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I’m with the majority that have posted so far - does it really matter how a region fairs for an extra 500/1000 5* tokens?

All that really matters is faction placement. The top factions are still going to place near the top of the leaderboard

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You didnt read well. The w/l ratio is only to determine the top 8 of servers. Now the most active server wins instead of the strongest, and as i said, we cant influence how active a server is. Some servers have only 4 active factions while others have 40. The faction with 40 active servers will ofcourse score more points. Ofcourse the normal war prizes should not be awarded on win/loss ratio.

Seriously is anyone even reading my full post? So far it seems only one person did. The one that post the screenshot, thanks, thats the perfect example of how unfair the current ranking system is. And seriously, someone finds it fair here that the most active region is rewarded? Just wow, you must be the one playing in an active region… its already bad enough for them to have an inactive region, and then you want to even have an unfair system apply to them?

First of all, i did say i think the prizes for being the better region should be better. I said it would make regions strife to do better in war. Instead of having factions that are halfarsed in wars, i am sure that the region will start to work better together, maybe through merging some factions instead of having factions where half of the people are hardly active. In the end then everyone is a winner as normal wars become also more active and more competitive (rather 20 really active factions who war a lot, than 40 of which only 10 are active).

Then the most important point some people seem to ignore. The part where the normal prizes are shit for people outside of top 7. Cross region war prizes kind of had to replace the war prizes of how regular war used to be. Regular war, as i am sure everyone noticed, has shit prizes now. Which is totally fine ofcourse, but it means CRW needs a good boost. 8 regions means that the top prize ranking should be a pool 8 times the size as it is now. I am sure those who do not agree to this, are the ones that are in the top 5 in region wars and are really selfish. I can only imagine people to be fine with the current prizes if they dont want other factions on their regions to get good prizes too, and thus dont want competition on their region.

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I’m confused, are you in a region with 4 active factions? It a region with lots of active factions? Because in a cross region war you never match you own region so being in a low active region is to your advantage as there is less of your region available for a war, and there is plenty of regions available for u. Also with 8 regions being matched, the odds are greater of getting a fair matchup.
And that screen shot doesn’t mean anything, maybe that region faced tougher opponents than you. Take away losses for both factions and they still won more games and you both have a 100% win ratio.

Really? C’mon, it is really not that hard to understand. With 8 regions fighting, the most active region will be first in the region leaderboard. The more factions fighting from one region, the more factions score points for the region. A region with say 4 active factions, can do maybe 8-12 wars per hour, depending how fast they can win ofcourse. If a region has 20 active factions, it is 40-60 wars per hour in potential. So let me just clear things up, because i do understand where you are getting confused now, i think.

When cross region wars first came, it was between 2 factions. The least active region had an advantage because even if 20 factions searched in one region, and the other only 10, only 10 factions would get a match up, the others had to wait before there were factions to match up again. This means that the 2 regions had a equal amount of wars, but, the factions from the less active server, had more wars per individual faction. Everytime they searched, they’d get a match up, the pool they could pick from was almost infinite.

Now we have 8 regions looking for wars. First come, first served. There’s no restriction or any surpression system that will equal the amount of wars at an average for each region. The more active factions on a region, the more wars that region gets, and thus the more points they score. There are so many factions in the pool that no faction really has to wait to get a match up in war. Awesome! A problem was solved! Partially, tho, because now the region leader board has no balance anymore. Its not about the strongest region, its about the most active region.

When you play a game, you should have the feeling that the input of each single individual can put you to a more positive, or a more negative outcome. In the regions leaderboard, this input is reduced to 0,001% and 99,999% is based on region management by scopely. There are 2 solutions, of which 1 prefer, the one i said the regions leaderboard will be based on win/loss ratio.

The other option is a better way of selecting 8 regions who will battle among each other. This should be based on the average wars fought during the last normal weekend war. So if a region had a total of 200 wars fought over all of the weekend, you dont match that region with regions that fought 2000 wars in the last war weekend. This seems a good solution, but there are not enough regions to pick from and the match up will start to become competitive.

It’s a long text, but i hope i cleared things up for you, you understand, and most of all agree with this logical solution.

Yes it cleared things up so thank you.

My next concern is the rewards for overall region placement is not of large concern for the majority of players. mainly because its usually 1/5 of a five star in terms of tokens and the difference from place to place in minimal like @Jason_theMofo stated. Not discounted your feelings toward this but in my opinion, it is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Now if we are talking about individual faction placement being affected by matchmaking like the first CRW, then I would agree

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That’s why i also said to make these rewards better. Not just 5* tokens, but something that is only achievable there. Like a new token to get 6* legendary gear to get then to T4, or tokens that give a guaranteed 5* that can be ascended and a little chance for a 6*. It would certainly make war more interesting again and it would also make sure regions will try their best, spend some coins and feel like they fight for something.

I misread but i still have concerns that if they implement that system for region rank they will do it for faction rank as well. They never give us something we want without giving us something we don’t want. I wouldn’t mind if they made region rank determined this way but I don’t care about region rank one way or the other and neither do most players/factions. Especially factions that win overall or place well.

I believe those rewards should be for individual faction placement. I can not help the activity or strength of my region. We win first over all as a faction and our region usually falls about 4th-6th depending on when war starts, but we as a faction cannot be held responsible or at the mercy of the mass populous of our region as a whole.
So whether by overall region score or region win/loss ratio, there are pitfalls. If you change the faction placement rewards then the region scoring will go up as your regions factions strive to place higher for better rewards

They real answer lies in merging the low pop regions together, that would be the actual solution to a majority of issues and would reignite the game as a whole.

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Well for some reason that will not happen as scopely already done one region merger before and said it was a failure. Dont get your hopes up for that. I said its better to rid full regions of their inactive players, making the region more active in a course of a few months. Making the game more fair and better will prevent more players to quit (including changes to cross region war)

Even when a dead region is “re-opened” those new players are so far behind that the will to play quickly fails, ask Dade region.
Yes, Scopely claimed it a failure by whatever means they deemed to be measured BUT that does not mean as a community we need to let the idea go. It is the one option that will fix it. The community begs for it and eventually it will happen as the game dwindles and dwindles.

If you introduce a system where new players are well rewarded to speed the up, it will be ok. You cant just give them 3* carl, ofcourse they dont stay. Maybe give them a choice, new region with nothing, or old region with a pile of good stuff and some coins to get started