Cross régions war full of hackers again!


nothing new … the end is coming soon


We tolerate this cuz we spend on the game which was abandoned

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What I’d do for those weapons sweet


nothing see here looks like op own toons not in game

we call hacker when see then live in game

I just want some links to those weapons imma hack to.

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What’s with this trend of making threads on hackers?

What Faction? What region?

What makes them a hacker from these pics?

Can’t tell if you’re serious , William’s weapon for sure should have triggered something and got an automatic ban

Err unobtainable weapons maybe

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You guys have been saying this since the dawn of 6*s, so I doubt the end ia coming.

Should have. I doubt it’d happen, though.

Seems legit

still no live in game pics? yea sure dint edit them in paint

Visual bug

What weapon score do you need to get murderous name? That’s legit, 5* weapons confirmed?

Yeah visuel bug , when Alpha kill one red toon have +85% def with full HP in one shot !

It’s a joke, if you’ve ever reported hacked weapons before scopely will say it’s a visual bug.

I was being serious. I don’t get weapons. All I really do is count the three green boxes on my opponents’ weapons and think « meh » i’ve Used the energy already. Let’s see how far I get. »