Cross region wars suck, and a waste of time


The only thing fun about crws is the live chat where factions talk crap on each other. I think it’s bs how one faction in your main region gets to win first place. Last crw, a faction in my region won 1st place wtf? It shouldn’t be like that, and doesn’t seem like faction regions are working together. It’s more like, the best faction in the war wins the best prizes. All factions in each region should be merged together in crws, and which ever region wins, we all get to share the same prize, instead of one faction takes it all. CRWs were never about teamwork bc if it was, the faction that won first place would be merged with all faction in the region, and get the same prize. There should only be top 3 ranks since three regions are supposedly fighting in one region.

Tired of seeing one faction in crws get the first place prize. The wins and points should be merged together as well

Example: All Richmond factions merged together, and all their points and wins counted together. The merged faction in each region during the war gets the best prize. Like, the leader board wouldn’t have separate factions on it since they’re all merged. Instead it’ll look like this:

Richmond region, 1m points +, wins etc, 1st place

Other region 900k points, wins, second place

Other region 700k points, wins, third place

Etc. No more separate factions! Merge every faction in each competing region during crws, and that will fix the issue with unbalanced and unfair rankings. That way when some faction in your region wins, all of the factions playing for that region will get the rewards together. Then the other two factions share the prize they earned for their region by working together. Hope @kalishane takes this to the team. :slight_smile: really would enjoy it more this way. Pisses me off that I worked so hard for the faction and region, just to be beat by a faction in my region. Smh…


No thanks


And who might you be in Richmond if I may ask? :slight_smile:


So you’re saying you wouldn’t want to work as a team, and have only one faction in your main region win first every time instead of merging together, and sharing the win together? How selfish of you. Smh… :angry:


Lol, it was just an example. :blush:


I’m sorry you are in a faction that can’t complete. Just like any other war for you.


Lol all trolls will be ignored. :slight_smile:


Nah I’ll post my counter opinion to yours. This is not your way or the highway. It’s a community. Sorry everything isn’t handed to you. Not sorry.


Sadly my region has loads of trash factions that expect handouts too.


The point is, why call it Cross Region War if only separate factions in your region are only fighting for themselves, instead of merging together and accumulating points. The point of crws is to work together, guess not. It’s still the same original boring main war at that. :pensive:


Except you are fight new factions. Almost the same.


Practice what you preach boy bc I know you have threads begging and complaining about the reward system. You expect to be handed out better prizes instead of being thankful and being patient, so go on with that bs. Lmao


It’s about who coins the most, no more, no less. My regions hates it and we have lost many long time top players because of it. It’s understandable because people don’t like working so hard to have great teams to be beat out by the biggest trust fund. It’s the biggest money grab in the game.


I think i’m one of the few who prefers CRW over regular war. I enjoy the prospect of facing factions I’ve never faced before as opposed to the same factions over and over. Although I admit if there was more variety in teams game wide(Thanks for all those Mira’s Scopely! :slightly_frowning_face:) it would even be better


There’s two rewards anyway. 1 for top faction and 1 for top region. Top region reward is usually a few 5* tokens.


Which is an insult tbh.


Post withdrawn


I’m with you to a point. I won’t completely discount your idea.

This past CRW is a good example. Blue Siddiq for the entire region would have been fine. However, I don’t think it should have been “everyone”. Top 15 factions in the region maybe?

I like the idea of a single reward for the top overall faction in CRW, second place reward, etc., but the “winning region” rewards are insulting. I think if they had a better “Region Reward” it would address what you’re saying somewhat, without breaking the entire rewards structure.


I have one thread that asked what happened to the legendary medals. I go after them as rewards. Not asking for free stuff like you.

You want first place rewards for doing last place work. Haha funny… boy


Me personally, i feel like they need to fix war matchmaking before they would have an idea of regional reward for everyone. Hard to win when you’re in que for over an hour due to a region being more inactive than yours. It’s not a completely terrible idea though. I do agree, maybe top 10 or 15 but not everyone 15 and below could get a seriously good amount of tokens though so it’s not a complete loss.