Cross Region War Update [08/15]

So we are getting the big update today?

yes exactly

I dare you if you again do 16 REGIONS I WILL ■■■■■■■ kick your ass.

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I remember a time they didn’t have eveyone on the same update for war. Beta players could only hit other beta players, game crashed if you tried to hit a non-beta player.


You guys hate EU players😔

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So is this the word around for we messed up again and war is cancelled? At least we didnt get 5min into war and have entire factions locked out🙄


Ffs… War started at 6-8pm EU time. Now back to 1-3am start time. You don’t seem to get one thing right. Can I get a job there? Endless fk ups and everyone keeps his job!


We all just got fked

The only update you need to do is get the ■■■■■■■ taunt/stun bug gone from S-class Pete!

Well done guys, once again you hit the bottom! Why not just pushing your updates during the standard 3-day solo level up??? LMAO

You didn’t delay the priya though I see :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


She isn’t selling fast enough, so war is delayed til they do

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Oh she’s selling. It’s kind of easy to spot her. At least until veteran rings come out.

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I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the update that was scheduled for next week. It’s a patch to fix the technical glitches that have been happening this week. Hence why they would push it before war instead of after

Pretty sure it is, arenas are in it
And they had to place the arena button where keep trying to raid


@GR.Scopely AOW would be lovely but you’ll force CRW because it has bad rewards. :rofl:


Good guesswork maybe.

If there was a decent level of communication, you wouldn’t need to guess. Explaining why an update is so important that it’s throwing the schedule shouldn’t be such a big deal. It shouldn’t be left to guesses and assumptions.

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Stop crying let them do a update so war isnt.hit by bugs ,iam a euro player but i.can understand they need to do updates so let them do them ,

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Well to be fair they hate all players.

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