Cross Region War Prizes


So ive heard or read that the next cross region war we should get a ascendable 5 star char. Now not sure how other feel about this but I liked how the prize structure was for the Siddiq cross region war y0E3UwpZ8RU
Top 3 all got the character but the tokens changed



I wouldn’t mind seeing 4-6 also get the ascendable, but no tokens.
Otherwise, I thought it was a pretty good prize set up.


I think it depends on how many regions per CRW because if it’s only 3 regions top 6 getting the ascendable is too many. That would be the same as if back when we get Jose the top 3 getting him in the same region. If i remember correctly the CRW with Siddiq as reward most were 3 regions.


I agree , that siddiq structure of rewards was more than ok
I hope next crw will be a similar one instead of just some rng tokens


Seeing as how scopely can’t do separate rewards for individual regions, I think 6 getting an ascendable is okay. First also gets 2 extra five stars to fodder away, and 2nd and 3rd get one fodder as well. I’ve seen a couple region wars where it was 6 regions or up. Only 3 is hardly fair for them.


yeah I enjoyed that war structure. Basically top 3 got 2 5 stars 1 being a guaranteed ascendable and the other whatever. They should do that again with another ascendable 5 star like Rosita, Barker, Shane, or Madison.


Maybe even Joshua.


We are getting nuggets for Joshua for sure next CRW.