Cross Region War prizes excitement?

So after months of asking and months of scopley employees saying they would love to give us an ascendable character prize for CRW surely this weekend is the weekend to forfill that!
It’s been long enough and we have waited very (in)patiently. It sure it doesn’t take months to implement this. Remember old normal war got a new 5* every two weeks, can’t be that difficult to do the same with an ascendable 5* for CRW!
Tokens, trainers and gear are such boring prizes! Like getting socks for Christmas, yes we need a new pair of socks but we would rather have that puppy (5* ascendable)
Don’t let us down again:(:persevere:


Only the top one faction can benefit from such prize structure. Defenitely tokens and gears satisfy the majority of needs. A lot of us still don’t have Carl, Shiva, even Mirabelle, thus tokens are not boring at all. Want to keep your top position? You will need to keep spending instead of asking Scopely.


Don’t you remember old war prizes? Top 3 got characters. Then the rest got 5* tokens. Plus pretty much all D teams get ripped to shreds, Carl isn’t gonna save you.
Also why should the top 3 get similar prizes to the rest. They placed higher so they should get better stuff i.e. a ascendable character.

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Is there too much of a gap now between new people and six stars I don’t think we can give out characters. I’ve already seen here where certain regions get character polls every day trying to catch them up I don’t think they’re getting ready to offer the top three factions more instruments to beat up on the new people gear is fine.
If you’re active enough you will see characters from rewards of tokens and ascensions no need for the top people to get even stronger. Honestly I kind of like that scopely slowed Utah people down I love hearing you b**** about not being able to T4 your goddamn characters

Those days are long gone and even if they did decide to give out an ascendable toon it’s gonna be one of the f2p ones you already have. They are not gonna start handing out Bruce and Erika just for winning a crw. You should be happy that you’re getting a much better reward than everyone else.

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Much better? A few thousand tokens isn’t much better. We’re basically warring for Benedict’s, this is the main reason so many top players and whales have quit. I’d be happy with a old ascendable toon for war prize, don’t need anything fancy I’m just sick of wasting my weekends for * like this:

That’s my last war prize, totally not worth any type of effort. If prizes don’t improve most people will eventually just hit top milestone and stop warring.


Didnt a couple of the last CRW’s give 12K Nuggets? IE exactly what was needed for a 5* ascendable? You even got the choice to get gear if you didn’t want that character.


I was very happy with the nuggets for war prizes. Got Wyatt and 4 gps and canteens from the 2 times it happened. I would rather get 2 gps and 2 canteen for my prize than 20k 5 star tokens and end up with earl and vernon again…


Sometimes but there have been crw with just 5 star tokens and junk gear as prize before.


Release governor and make him top 3 prize for upcoming war.


Disgusting idea. Release a exclusive 6*

But weren’t CRW prizes in the past awarding a lot of nuggets so that individuals who were active (f2p or p2p, new players and veterans) could collect their 5* ascendable in the museum. This created a leveled prize distribution to a wide array of players for the effort they put in instead of just inflating top factions and widening the gap.

Edit: Didn’t see Lockdown’s point. Sorry for repeating.


I would expect R2P tokens not the tickets just like when we got nuggets as the main prize.

I have already said my plan multiple times. They need to make a new wheel with nothing but 5-star ascendable toons. Give out 10k to the top team and there you go. Problem solved. Take the ascendable toons out of the current wheel cut that cost to 5k so people can go for collections or fodder if they don’t want to save and pull from the ascendable wheel. This gives value back to the tokens.

This, of course, won’t happen. But they also won’t be giving out Carl and Mira every other crw so we all got to learn to deal with disapointment.


Yea i would love a ascendable only token wheel and glady take them as war rewards.


They’ll eventually do that, call it a legendary wheel with its own tokens, but not until end of the year.

Even then don’t expect to see any premieres in there (they’ll save that until just before the release 7* characters). It will consist of legacy 5* made ascendable, and the ones people have been able to ‘win’ for free along the way but may have missed.

Yeah, I should have specified that the wheel would be f2p only ascendable. No way would they give anyone a chance at a paid 5 star ascendable like Erika or Bruce for free.

I don’t see why they would need to make a new token for what would still be a wheel of 5-star toons even if they were just the ascendable ones. I would think a new token would be required if they straight up starting letting us get 6 stars for free and I don’t see that happening for a long long time.

But won’t the “fodder” toons eventually become ascendable as well? At the theoretical price of 5k tokens that would be a good investment especially for guys who already have all the ascendables (lol im reminded of Pablo’s poster)

This of course is assuming Scopely plans to roll out legendary ascendables at a more regular rate in the future.

Agree there should be a wheel with guaranteed ascendable in it, don’t see why they need to be taken out of the 5* when though? Just leaves you a choice of 10k for guaranteed ascendable or 5k for a guaranteed 5* & a chance at an ascendable.

Too many guarantees & ascendables in this post.

I wouldn’t get ur hopes up… look at these faction level up prizes. Rinse and repeat. So miserable.