Cross region war prizes are embarrassing


Feedback: They suck and lack imagination. Imagine warring all weekend and spend a good some of money to land first place prize of 18000 5* tokens. Those 5* tokens could well land you the pile of crap that is vernon. But hey you might be lucky enough to do two pulls and land a blue eugene too to match your other turd.

Suggestion: have some creativity, I’m sure you have some creative people working there. Just make a 5* ascendable character for 1st place prize.

Save yourself the embarrassment every couple weeks, do yourself a favour.



There is my first reaction.


forums right now


Agreed :confused:


Anyone would think legendary trainers come out of their own personal pockets. They are soooo tight with them, it doesnt even make sense. And lame gear… grenades and essence. Lol whaaaattt…

The tiniest changes and we could all be so happy.



They will and should get an earful all weekend.

I mean 50 posts or more per hour about how utterly ridiculous this is…



I’ll add my voice, these rewards are pathetic


In full agreement. These rewards show that their timeline for “doing better” is way too slow for the fan base to keep wanting to play.



Thing is tho in reality the forums are going mad and we are all pissed off! But come tomorrow night everyone will all be warring hard to win! It’s a vicious circle scopley have us trapped in! As we are all loyal to our factions and addicted to the game! The only way out is to quit


I won’t be, most people pretty much stopped playing over Christmas. These prize just encourage us to continue to not play.


Well then u agree as your choosing option quit. And I say good luck too you mate


A lot of players in my region already quit because of crappy rewards, some more will quit again when they see this. This will cause problems in older regions like mine after a while, i already see a big difference in factions activity in wars, saying people complain and still play may still be relevant but i don’t think u can say the same in a few months.


Maybe not but this has been going on for months now and I haven’t seen a coin free cross region war yet. And I agree I’m in an old region and people have quit in the last 30 minutes but the reality is people will still go hard! I won’t personally but people will.


rewards = why…


I’m sure the number of people “going hard” will be decreasing every war. But my post is about the developers developing an tiny bit of creativity!


I don’t mind people coining during war, they could set a limit but they will never do that because that means less money.
And let’s be honest, war is the most fun thing in this game and people look forward to it, well maybe not now with those rewards lol. But i know a lot of players who buy the 30day pass only to use those coins in wars so a free coin war, i don’t see it happen.


Scopely = a joke. when it comes to rewards for events