Cross Region War Prize Feedback


I never post on here, but felt obligated to show my disappointment.

CRW is the biggest event in the game right now. Prior to 6s in the game, we used to get a good 5 as a prize for solo events, and occasionally a good 5* for war events. It wasn’t always good, but it was always the highest tier toon you could get.

Now look at what you are giving. 18k tokens is not even 2 guaranteed pulls on the wheel. And 5s are the new 4s of old right? So you are basically giving us a single 4 or 1 ascendance fodder(essentially one benedict) for 1st place in CRW? How did you really think this would be received.

You promised weeks ago that the next CRW would have an ascendable toon as the prize. I realize your new version isn’t out yet, so give us something EQUAL. 3 guaranteed 5* token wheel pulls is close enough. 30k for 1st place…then structure accordingly.

You(scopely) already have nearly 70% of your major spenders and heavy hitters in this game considering retirement. Many have already. They’ve quit the game because the 6* update broke the game. Their rosters are now outdated because of the ASSININE decision to buff the 6*s stats to the way it was on day1 release when you had SO MUCH BACKLASH you were forced to nerf them. But since you aren’t making enough money on promo pulls, you gotta make them that much more desirable. It broke your game…you can’t deny that. And now you are in repair mode. Your problem now is that you aren’t giving those of us who don’t want to quit a reason to stay.

Those of us who spend the most money sit at the top of the leaders boards, right? Everyone at the top has the same defense teams. It’s so incredibly boring that nearly everyone I talk to is considering quitting. And now you want to give us these kind of prizes for your biggest event? Where’s the motivation? Why should i do anything or spend anything this weekend?

I could go into more issues about how since we don’t have ascendance fodder, legendary trainers, or active trainers…it makes it kind of useless to pull for some of the new toons because we can’t use them yet…so the smart person will wait because we know a newer better toon will come out by the time we have enough to make them usable. This is a broken mechanic…I digress…

Fix the war rewards, or expect to see a mass exodus from your game. It’s not a threat. It’s depressing because I don’t want it to happen, but I’m afraid you are’t giving us a reason to stick around.


The milestones are not bad imo, but I can see how people wouldn’t like those either. People are sitting on quite a bit of medals still.