Cross region war predictions

So I have a few predictions for the upcoming cross region wars:

  1. There will be garbage 5* ascendable as rewards after collecting enough war tokens.
  2. You will need to be in the top 6 factions to get that shitty ascendable even if you hit every milestones.
  3. You will make overpriced offers with the amount of war tokens left to get Ivanova?
  4. "Top 10? Oh cool. You scored 400k point as an individual? Oh nice. Rewards? HELL NO!

But will Scopely will do something about it? No. You know why? Because they don’t give a damn about how players feel. Just check at how bad the league is, you can grind as much as you want you will get at best 800-900 coins that only gives you 3 pulls with 2* chances to get an ascendable or 6*. Like even with those weekly coins the game is bad. I’m not even a f2p player but this game is going downhill and they keep releasing unattainable new characters.



He might be mad but rightfully so. His post is right on the money.

Rewards have always been pretty lackluster but lately they found a way to make them even worse when most of us though they were already at rock bottom.


I don’t see the war stash sticking around too long. Players will start to circumvent by keeping the tokens in the inbox.


They will milk the stash idea another war, maybe give higher amounts of tokens to a few more ranks, and then they will come out with something new that everyone hates more lol…idk im hoping for best and always expecting the worse. As scopley moves in a snail like pace in getting around to things.

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Wow bro, I can’t believe you are getting mad.

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Damn that’s a good idea

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Do you know certainly that this can be done?

Of course… unless they stop using the war stash. Which is the risk. If you kept them from last war, and this war they go back to a wheel, you lost out on the tokens.

Lol I could see them doing that now

I dont even try in war anymore most of the characters are so outdated theyre practicly useless (Besides madison shes a god :heart:)


What’s your point?

Wow, you actually seem mad.

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My crw predictions are… having FUN with my faction win or lose and learning from other team comps i see and growing as a player and as a faction.:grin::raised_hands:


Oh cool that you can enjoy that, I can’t play this way lol. I need incentives haha

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You go dude.

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My predictions are that I’ll score like 5k from sheer laziness :grin:

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Crw prediction lame and boring war for lame and boring rewards

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