Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 08/03 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 08/05 @ 10:00pm PDT


Hello Everyone,

Please find below the Matchups for the upcoming CRW!
Don’t forget to upgrade your mods and feed the dogs :sunglasses:

Group Region Group Region Group Region
Group A Dooly (RU) Group B Pooler (ES) Group C Cherokee (DE)
Group A Irwin (EN) Group B Marshall (PT) Group C Polk (RU)
Group A Mitchell (EN) Group B Gordon (ES) Group C Lithonia (RU)
Group A Walker (EN) Group B Twiggs (PT) Group C Marengo (PT)
Group A Washington (EN) Group B Wayne (PT) Group C Randolph (EN)
Group A Treutlen (KO) Group B Emanuel (PT) Group C Decatur (EN)
Group A Choctaw (EN) Group B Toombs (PT) Group C Upson (EN)
Group A Fannin (PT) Group B Evans (PT) Group C Quitman (EN)
Group D Catoosa (FR) Group E Lauderdale (ES) Group F Wilkinson (EN)
Group D Rabun (EN) Group E Limestone (PT) Group F Stephens (EN)
Group D Laurens (ES) Group E Geneva (ES) Group F Habersham (EN)
Group D Talbot (EN) Group E Lawrence (ES) Group F Berrien (EN)
Group D Thomas (ES) Group E Dallas (EN) Group F Forsyth (EN)
Group D Schley (EN) Group E Oconee (PT) Group F Cobb (EN)
Group D Seminole (EN) Group E Early (PT) Group F Heard (EN)
Group D Tattnall (EN) Group F Franklin (EN)
Group G Colbert (EN) Group H Hancock (TR) Group I Clarke (DE)
Group G McIntosh (EN) Group H Barbour (EN) Group I Peach (FR)
Group G Coffee (IT) Group H Dodge (KO) Group I Jones (RU)
Group G Hart (EN) Group H Colquitt (TR) Group I Albert (EN)
Group G Brooks (EN) Group H Atkinson Group I Chambers (EN)
Group G Pickens (EN) Group H Douglas (KO) Group I Bartow (EN)
Group G Elmore (EN) Group H Fulton Group I Wilcox (EN)
Group G Bulloch (EN) Group H Baldwin Group I Anderson (KO)
Group J Long (EN) Group K Coosa (EN) Group L Troup (EN)
Group J Dougherty (EN) Group K Lowndes (EN) Group L Macon (EN)
Group J Camden (FR) Group K Telfair (FR) Group L Ware (EN)
Group J Morgan (EN) Group K Clayton (IT) Group L Houston (EN)
Group J Johnson (FR) Group K Paulding (EN) Group L Lincoln (EN)
Group J Coweta (EN) Group K Jefferson (EN) Group L Bryan (EN)
Group J Spalding (EN) Group K Carroll (EN) Group L Screven (EN)
Group J Pierce (EN) Group L Tift (ES)
Group M Jasper (EN) Group N Brantley (EN) Group O Dawson
Group M Union (FR) Group N Marion (EN) Group O Greene
Group M Henry (EN) Group N Pulaski (EN) Group O Sumter
Group M Clinch (FR) Group N Glynn (ES) Group O Baker
Group M Mobile (PT) Group N Wheeler (EN) Group O Echols (EN)
Group M Roswell (PT) Group N Jackson (ES) Group O Appling (EN)
Group M Elbert Group N Gwinnett (ES) Group O Floyd (EN)
Group N Rockdale (EN) Group O Calhoun (EN)
Group P Cleburne (EN) Group Q White (EN) Group R Talladega (FR)
Group P Bacon (EN) Group Q Clay (FR) Group R Oglethorpe (RU)
Group P Barrow (EN) Group Q Banks (EN) Group R Bullock (EN)
Group P Walton (EN) Group Q Liberty (EN) Group R Glascock (ES)
Group P Chattahoochee (EN) Group Q Candler (EN) Group R Crenshaw (EN)
Group P Jenkins (EN) Group Q Gilmer (EN) Group R Adair (TR)
Group P Harris (EN) Group Q Wilkes (EN) Group R Butts (EN)
Group Q Madison (EN) Group R Bibb (EN)
Group S Columbia (JA) Group T Tallapoosa (FR) Group U Tuscaloosa (DE)
Group S Bell (JA) Group T Newton (RU) Group U Meriwether (RU)
Group S Lee (DE) Group T Montgomery (EN) Group U Taliaferro (RU)
Group S Winston (DE) Group T Chilton (EN) Group U Monroe (FR)
Group S Russell (RU) Group T Bleckley (EN) Group U Greenwood (EN)
Group S Blount (EN) Group T Miller (EN) Group U Darlington (EN)
Group S Hale (ES) Group T Hall (EN) Group U Cullman (EN)
Group S Putnam (EN) Group T Towns (TR) Group U Jeff Davis (EN)
Group V Charlton (DE) Group W Boone (繁体) Group X Muscogee (ES)
Group V Chatham (DE) Group W Covington (EN) Group X Richmond (EN)
Group V Ben Hill (EN) Group W Lamar (EN) Group X Escambia (EN)
Group V Fayette (RU) Group W Terrell (EN) Group X Pike (EN)
Group V Burke (EN) Group W Taylor (EN) Group X Turner (ES)
Group V Webster (EN) Group W Grady (ES) Group X Conecuh (EN)
Group V Cook (EN) Group W Crisp (KO) Group X Stewart (ES)
Group V Worth (EN)
Group Y Lanier (EN) Group Z Edgefield (EN) Group Δ Newberry (EN)
Group Y Whitfield (EN) Group Z Ballard (PT) Group Δ Abbeville (EN)
Group Y Etowah (EN) Group Z Augusta (ES) Group Δ Florence (PT)
Group Y Warren (EN) Group Z Allen (TR) Group Δ Orangeburg (ES)
Group Y Murray (ES) Group Z McDuffie (EN)
Group Y Lumpkin (PT) Group Z DeKalb (EN)
Group Y Dale (EN) Group Z Bedford (繁体)
Group Ω Shelby (RU)
Group Ω Perry (RU)
Group Ω Bath (IT)
Group Ω Effingham (EN)
Group Ω Autauga (EN)
Group Ω Dade (EN)
Group Ω Chattooga (EN)
Group Ω Butler (EN)

Note that the following Regions get their own All Out War:
McCormick (EN)
Dillon (EN)
Lexington (ES)

CRW groups when?
Where group Omega


Thank you! You did well with the dead regions! Sumter is stoked and actually keen to war! Thank you!


Wow match Henry with foreign hackers like last time. Thanks


How old are regions dade, chattooga and autauga?


Anyone from group W?


Really Dallas got matched with 6 other regions that all speak different languages like wtf


We had that the last couple matchups. Event chat was no bueno.


Yeah we usually have a lot of Portuguese regions but always like 2 or 3 English speaking regions and now we r the only English speaking region out of 7 and it’s really just fkn B’s my favorite part of crw is event chat and now I can’t even talk in it because of a language barrier