Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 07/13 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 07/15 @ 10:00pm PDT


I’m in Warren and we were matched with five Spanish teams I’ve never heard of

can’t even talk to them thanks so much scopely5


Join the club, we usually match with PT regions while we are EN


Y cause u can’t win? At least u will search quickly. Better than searching 30 minutes




CRW will never make everyone happy with match ups! Let’s just take a moment to be thankful we are having war. It could be worse!


Be thankful we are playing their game as designed?

Shouldn’t they be thankful to us for playing their game?

Im generally confused by your point as war is the defining feature that keeps players playing so I shouldn’t be happy for it to just exist, cause I just wouldnt be playing or spending as much time in game as I do without it.

Other than that, I agree. Too much match up crying.


has it been confirmed that newberry and abbeville getting reg war or crw?


We got our answer.


crap lol there goes decent rewards for me


thanks mate


I would be grateful for that war if I were you.

three regions fighting for the same prizes as everybody else.

Three regions verse 8 regions. Don’t complain, you guys are getting the better deal here.

Edit to add: ( I am not insinuating that you are complaining, rather that you have little to complain about)


Last war we got the same prizes as CRW in AOW. :grin::ok_hand:


Lucky bastards


i know i shouldnt be it still means anyone outside of the top few get trash for there efforts but its always like that now


Just because we are customers or consumers or whatever you want to call it doesn’t mean we are completely entitled. It never hurts to be appreciative.


Lots of faction struggling to fill in brand new region McCormick for regional war. Not a good sign for this game…


Yeah like what are 5 and 10 every two weeks going to do? Would it kill you to ensure everyone gets at least one free pull before the event ends?