Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 07/13 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 07/15 @ 10:00pm PDT


Good Morning from Dougherty


Goodnight from Sumter :joy::joy::joy:. How are you anyway Smash?


another day in Paradise.

sorry you got boned on matchups again.

hope transfers come soon for you guys


malan-dave of spartaaaaa


I’m also in one of those regions, I asked for confirmation although I strongly assume it is going to be as per last time around a standard All Out War for us! :relaxed:


Cheers mate, Sumter and Dawson both got screwed, the other dead regions got matched together. I don’t know how they ballsed it up again so badly.

It’s soo cold here, usually it’s around 10 celcius at night, it’s 3 atm hahaa

Can’t wait for the warmer weather haha


and it was 96 Fahrenheit here yesterday…dead of summer.


Matched with 3 French region and 1 Italian region group y lol can’t we just have English regions for a change event chat is too much with all these different languages flying about lol


We get to about 45C in the peak of summer, about 25C at night times. But 3C at night is crazy for us here hahaha


thats 113 Fahrenheit…

yeah no thanks

but 3c is only 37f

thats not cold.


Sure is. We get weeks on end of that temp. Further up north in Darwin get that all Summer long, so from Dec 1st to Feb 28/29. Aircon’s are a must here in Australia.

Highest I think Australia has ever gotten was 51C (123F) back in the 80s or something, we’ve gotten close here. About 48C one or two days throughout summer.


colocar Br no meio de coreanos é vacilo, pqp scopely, custa colocar regiões comparadas?


It’s is for us here in Aus, like I said, I night temps are usually around 10C


Didn’t see McCormick in the group of “?'s” so we will atleast get some kind of regional war right?


I’m looking into it at the moment, my assumption so far is that it will be considered as a new region, the same as those in the group ‘?’, that should be getting a standard All Out War indeed.


C’mon why couldn’t you just match Dale and Dallas :sob::pensive::sob::pensive:

Anyone from group y?

Agreed bro, agreed


Also please look into changing prizes before this goes live. The amount of lucky tokens for placement is far to low for a CRW event :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Also please look into changing prizes before this goes live. The amount of lucky tokens for placement is far to low for a CRW event

Not possible, since this is coordinated by the liveOPs and they don’t care to look into the forum


This is what’s sad about it all. The people that actually create the game and set the rewards for players can’t be bothered to know what the customers want. It’s Design 101…know your user needs and design inputs!

I can actually feel my interest and enjoyment in this game slowly dying…