Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 06/15 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 06/17 @ 10:00pm PDT


So we finally got a war in to have 3 of our 8 to be around. It shall be a fun weekend. Hope i can make 50k for the roses


Good luck!


Seeing this first hand scares me.

My faction has more points by 5 times, than all of Sumnter combined.

Its really really sad.

And way wrong


What would be the benefit of pairing you with other dying regions? Your region has only one war which means other factions there are not even warring so wouldn’t the outcome be the same with 8 inactive regions? Or is it that you just want to get the rank reward prizes even if you don’t get to have the ‘enjoyment’ of weekend long wars lol


No. It’s not the same outcome. You’d find that when dead regions are matched together, we actually wanna war, If that makes sense. Matching against such high activity regions is simply unfair. At least matched against dead regions, it’s an even playing field.


@Eagle-Eye our Region has 1 Faction. That’s it. 1. By pairing us with other dying Regions atleast we are evenly matched in terms of war numbers. Also regardless of that we have been paired with non-English speaking Regions making Event chat heaps of fun.

Overall matchmaking this weekend has been the worst yet.


Oh okay i understand but i don’t think the event planners go through each region to check activity or even have a way to do it so i highly doubt things will change. Hopefully region transfer goes live soon so you guys can migrate if you want higher activity.


They do have a way, because they got the groupings right every single CRW until now. They know what regions are dead or not.


Well we all know scopes is not consistent with getting things done right lol. Plus they probably change event planners as often as community managers.


Actually they do. You can see the High capacity or Low capacity labels in the region list. But like SQ said, its much more beneficial and fair if Scopely paired us dead regions together because we’d all have the same power and activity. Making the experience much more even


But they have been consistent with pairings until this CRW. Players in dead regions don’t even stand a chance no matter how much they war against high activity regions.


Sumtner will get slayed.

Actually they are getting crushed.

Its not even close.

I feel awful for them


So is Floyd, Atkinson, Baldwin, Baker, Fulton, Greene, Dawson and other dead regions I have forgotten to mention. ALL these dead regions a in separate groups with HIGH activity regions.

Good game Scopely.


To put it in perspective for people to understand. My faction has 1 million points 5 hours into war.

Her entire region combined just hit the 300,000 mark


That’s just the one faction of ours warring too!


Correction, Our 2 factions have scored :sweat_smile:


Again stuck on 7/8 6vs6 would be awsome


Cuando van actualizar el calendario. Por que no ponen todos los eventos de una sola vez y listo



Well not sure how you guys did but we did make the 50k milestone and came in 45th.