Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 06/15 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 06/17 @ 10:00pm PDT


And it’s 8v8 as well. Not good for dead regions!


Wheeler here,

JK, look forward to facing ya’ll


In the same boat as ScreamQueen, as are many others.
You’ve matched dead regions with around 3 factions, closed regions at that. Against several regions where some regions have 20+ active factions. The matchmaking, this time, I don’t know who did it. But it’s terrible. Are you trying to make us quit? This needs to be fixed. How could such a bad mistake be made. The last matchups we had for CRW served perfectly for each region, we’re just as dead as each other.
This time Scopely has made it completely unfair to the dead regions.
Yes, we’ve been Scopely’d.


Agreed. I mean, compared to this mess up, versing the Korean server Douglas, was a piece of cake, at least they only had 6-7 active factions.
We took almost half an hour to get the full 8 to line up, while 30+ other factions had already started searching.


Sumters standings after only one and a half hours of war. Completely unbalanced! I’m sure that @Verge19 can agree?



100%! Currently just at 100k now for our region, but coming 8th, when top region is just under 900k. Ridiculous.


We haven’t even reached 100k for Sumter yet. We’re at 80k.
Top region has already reached 1.03mil points. Only DI is warring.

Scopely keep ignoring me.


Need to make it only four regions facing off as well as down to 6 vs 6.


After this matchmaking shit, I’m done with the game I think.


Yeah, am leaning that way too. If this is how they treat day one players… :confused:


I’ll still stay in LINE chats, don’t wanna leave the guys I’ve gotten to know though.


Ha, at least you guys got a war in we are sitting at 7/8 still


Wow. They’ve really screwed all dead regions haven’t they?


Our original group was great. Hell should just put all the dying regions into 1 cross region war, sure it might be like 12 regions. And have since we are dying make us 6vs6 due to lack of activity. Im not a programmer but im sure writing a code that stats all regions will have a 8vs8 exept (x) will be 6vs6 wouldnt be that hard


I agree, Alpha. That would be a lot more fun and enjoyable. Lets not forget fair. They had it right the last CRW match-up.


Yep. We need GrAtFuDaSuBa back for sure!


Also the cross region wars we had we were in somewhat of the same time zone so again it was a fair match. We currently are facing canadian italian french germany and koren like wtf


Floyd representing really well against the active regions… @JB.Scopely the matchmaking this time round has been incredibly poor for dying regions. Keep us with the other dying regions please.


Yep. Same here. With US and French servers. Koreans aren’t so bad, they’re only 2 hours behind Eastern Australia


You won’t get a response. It’s the weekend for them now basically, Friday night. They’re all gone. They’ve been ignoring me all last night and today.