Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 06/15 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 06/17 @ 10:00pm PDT


Everyone from H group especially if you are in top, please contact me, you are about to face cheaters and I can help you to prove it


Heya! :slight_smile:


Group K - Tattnall checking in.

Everyone is sleeping, please war quietly :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


@EternalEnemy do you know anything about Lithonia, Jones, and Newton


Yes, they are dead and weak except for two factions, they are on vk gold supply, Glenn’s Balls are the most infamous of these two, blatant cheating and pure disrespect to everyone around.


@JB.Scopely what time does event chat open up


You’ve matched a dead and closed region with 2 factions (Sumter) with 6 highly active and open regions in a completely different Timezone. This is not right! @SandySurvivor


I sure am happy we have more english regions this go. Last time, we got 3-4 PT regions. Event chat was not very enjoyable.



Thx for the free 1st place


And what region you from lol


Anyone competing in “Group P”?

I am a Maconian lol.


I’ve gone over this 4 times and don’t see my region. I’m Escambia and I know I’m getting old but didn’t think I was blind.


Group O Escambia (EN) :sunglasses:


what about edgefield?


That explains it! My list goes from M to P. Skips N and O


Ignore that msg. I’m blind and apparently retarded and didn’t swipe right on my phone. Lol


((I did the same thing lol))


Why not address why you matched one (1) dead region with barely 3 factions, against six (6) other regions that are highly active and not to mention open? @JB.Scopely @SandySurvivor


Same here @ScreamQueen Floyd Region got matched against 7 highly active regions…we have 1 faction. What happened to the old matchups where dying regions were paired against dying regions??


Major screw up this time. Last time wasn’t so bad, except for being matched with one active and open faction Douglas.

This time, matched with high activity regions, in different timezones. Not fair. No matter how hard we fight.