Cross Region War - Matchups - Starts: Friday 06/15 @ 4:00pm PDT - Ends: Sunday 06/17 @ 10:00pm PDT


Hello Everyone,

Please find below the Matchups for the upcoming CRW!
Sharpen up your katanas, craft some DIY bullets and get ready for war!

Group Region Group Region Group Region
Group A Morgan (EN) Group B Berrien (EN) Group C Effingham (EN)
Group A Brantley (EN) Group B Marion (EN) Group C Bath (IT)
Group A Glynn (ES) Group B Laurens (ES) Group C Polk (RU)
Group A Carroll (EN) Group B Terrell (EN) Group C Chattooga (EN)
Group A Clayton (IT) Group B Treutlen (KO) Group C Covington (EN)
Group A Twiggs (PT) Group B Turner (ES) Group C Limestone (PT)
Group A Baldwin Group B Lumpkin (PT) Group C Butler (EN)
Group B Floyd (EN) Group C Anderson (KO)
Group D Camden (FR) Group E Cherokee (DE) Group F Bacon (EN)
Group D Decatur (EN) Group E Talladega (FR) Group F Troup (EN)
Group D Brooks (EN) Group E Montgomery (EN) Group F Hart (EN)
Group D Warren (EN) Group E Peach (FR) Group F Roswell (PT)
Group D Fannin (PT) Group E Colbert (EN) Group F Jackson (ES)
Group D Evans (PT) Group E Blount (EN) Group F Toombs (PT)
Group D Douglas (KO) Group E Putnam (EN) Group F Dale (EN)
Group D Dawson Group E Bryan (EN) Group F Baker
Group G Chatham (DE) Group H Perry (RU) Group I Dougherty (EN)
Group G Lanier (EN) Group H Bullock (EN) Group I Habersham (EN)
Group G Union (FR) Group H Oglethorpe (RU) Group I Randolph (EN)
Group G Jasper (EN) Group H Albert (EN) Group I Miller (EN)
Group G Bibb (EN) Group H Adair (TR) Group I Clinch (FR)
Group G Spalding (EN) Group H Paulding (EN) Group I Wilkes (EN)
Group G Screven (EN) Group H Lauderdale (ES) Group I Sumter
Group G Worth (EN) Group H Glascock (ES)
Group J Long (EN) Group K Banks (EN) Group L Meriwether (RU)
Group J Wilkinson (EN) Group K Liberty (EN) Group L Tuscaloosa (DE)
Group J Candler (EN) Group K Gilmer (EN) Group L Cullman (EN)
Group J Etowah (EN) Group K Ware (EN) Group L Jeff Davis (EN)
Group J Lawrence (ES) Group K Pierce (EN) Group L Taliaferro (RU)
Group J Hall (EN) Group K Quitman (EN) Group L Monroe (FR)
Group J Walker (EN) Group K Tattnall (EN)
Group J Wayne (PT) Group K Appling (EN)
Group M Newton (RU) Group N Greenwood (EN) Group O Clay (FR)
Group M Jones (RU) Group N Darlington (EN) Group O Telfair (FR)
Group M Crenshaw (EN) Group N Orangeburg (ES) Group O Geneva (ES)
Group M Lithonia (RU) Group O Walton (EN)
Group M Marengo (PT) Group O Harris (EN)
Group M Hale (ES) Group O Escambia (EN)
Group M Coosa (EN) Group O Dallas (EN)
Group O Colquitt (TR)
Group P Houston (EN) Group Q Whitfield (EN) Group R Barrow (EN)
Group P Macon (EN) Group Q Bleckley (EN) Group R Jefferson (EN)
Group P Catoosa (FR) Group Q Rabun (EN) Group R Upson (EN)
Group P Stephens (EN) Group Q Forsyth (EN) Group R Elmore (EN)
Group P Wheeler (EN) Group Q Jenkins (EN) Group R Franklin (EN)
Group P Rockdale (EN) Group Q Pooler (ES) Group R Pickens (EN)
Group P Schley (EN) Group Q Bulloch (EN) Group R Crisp (KO)
Group Q Early (PT) Group R Fulton
Group S Edgefield (EN) Group T White (EN) Group U Richmond (EN)
Group S Ballard (PT) Group T Fayette (RU) Group U Wilcox (EN)
Group S Augusta (ES) Group T Lamar (EN) Group U Gordon (ES)
Group S DeKalb (EN) Group T Chattahoochee (EN) Group U Oconee (PT)
Group S McDuffie (EN) Group T Heard (EN) Group U Choctaw (EN)
Group S Allen (TR) Group T Marshall (PT) Group U Emanuel (PT)
Group S Bedford (繁体) Group T Hancock (TR) Group U Barbour (EN)
Group U Calhoun (EN)
Group V Mitchell (EN) Group W Lowndes (EN) Group X Autauga (EN)
Group V Pike (EN) Group W Cleburne (EN) Group X Henry (EN)
Group V Cook (EN) Group W McIntosh (EN) Group X Chambers (EN)
Group V Coweta (EN) Group W Burke (EN) Group X Muscogee (ES)
Group V Washington (EN) Group W Madison (EN) Group X Butts (EN)
Group V Grady (ES) Group W Lincoln (EN) Group X Thomas (ES)
Group V Murray (ES) Group W Taylor (EN) Group X Mobile (PT)
Group V Conecuh (EN) Group W Gwinnett (ES) Group X Towns (TR)
Group Y Charlton (DE) Group Z Johnson (FR) Group Δ Irwin (EN)
Group Y Boone (繁体) Group Z Dooly (RU) Group Δ Coffee (IT)
Group Y Clarke (DE) Group Z Pulaski (EN) Group Δ Cobb (EN)
Group Y Tallapoosa (FR) Group Z Talbot (EN) Group Δ Webster (EN)
Group Y Chilton (EN) Group Z Dodge (KO) Group Δ Stewart (ES)
Group Y Ben Hill (EN) Group Z Greene Group Δ Elbert
Group Y Bartow (EN) Group Z Echols (EN) Group Δ Seminole (EN)
Group Y Tift (ES) Group Δ Atkinson
Group Ω Columbia (JA)
Group Ω Bell (JA)
Group Ω Winston (DE)
Group Ω Shelby (RU)
Group Ω Lee (DE)
Group Ω Russell (RU)
Group Ω Dade (EN)

:berserk: TROUP [EN] Region - Recruitment Updated: *#TroupTalks Weekly Chat Invites*


What time zone are you talking about?


I’ve edited the header with the PDT Timezone.


Looking forward to it, milestones are much nicer. Shame we aren’t getting more lucky tokens below 10th!


Thank you for the start time and match ups @JB.Scopely! :+1::blush:


Is Sumter the only AU/NZ server? Timezone differences will be a disadvantage for us if we’re versing all US regions.


In group ‘I’ that is.


Lamar? Finally, vengeance :smiling_imp:


Can someone please explain this to me I am in greenwood group N who is goig to be our opponents ? Is it just group N?


Just group N yes.


@JB.Scopely , thank you for the matchups, but versing all US servers in completely opposite timezones is gunna mess up Sumter. They’ll all be warring while we are asleep. We have no chance based purely on this.


Dawson groupe D c’est quelle langue svp?


Regions marked (en) are just English speaking so not necessarily just US. Probably lots of people from the UK, auz/nz amongst other parts of the world. I’m supprised there is an aus/nz server tbh


Group T :slight_smile:


There’s more than one actually hahha


When the 2nd CRW come around, we were matched with all servers that had mainly AU/NZ players.

Most servers are now heavily US based players. So, AU has no chance.


Group J & T.

Hopefully they’re ain’t too tough lol


Can’t find Carroll region


Howdy young Lady.

Dougherty checking in.