Cross Region War Matchmaking [Improvement]

Dear Scopely,

first of all thank you for providing us with steady improvements of the game, which we all appreciate. :slight_smile:

However, cross region wars do not deliver the game experience and fun as they could.

The reason is, that some regions are always matched up with the same regions and are doomed to fail everytime due to unbalanced matchups. Rewards are frustrating. How are you actually matching the regions?!

What I suggest is (for example) another e.g., “adaptive” matchmaking. Based on the outcome of last cross region war (win/lose), the next cross region war will be arranged accordingly (the winning regions of cross region wars fight agains each other and for losers vice versa). Matchups will be balanced and the game experience and fun improves to fight agains other regions.

Thank you and keep up the good work Scopely!

Screenshot: ALWAYS the same CRW: :-1: :frowning:



As if they would care :joy: :sweat_smile:

Wir sind auch jedes mal bisschen enttäuscht das gleiche Sushi und Sauerkraut serviert zu bekommen :confused:

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