Cross Region War Match Ups!


Who did everyone get matched up with?! Kind of sad because we got 7 regions and only 1 other speaks English :slightly_frowning_face: not much conversation this time I suppose.

Update: Richmond folks are actually pretty nice and active talking, less sad now haha :blush:



Same regions as we’ve always faced, all dead and closed ones.



90% of the convo in CRW chat is not worth having…


Good luck everyone!!



My faction will no doubtlessly come in between 11 and 25. At least I’ll likely get a pull. That’s important to me.


Heyyy one of those is me

Cool. I look forward to getting blown up and stuff


Awesome. I look forward to matching up with you later.

On the legit account ofc. No place for the army of rays in crw :wink:


My regions GC is horrible. CRW is normally a nice and refreshing change lol



I’d be happy if I don’t see that someone from one of the reigions
Has 200k
And out rank one only has
No lube will prepare me for what’s gonna happen :frowning:


The difference between 26th & 200th is 3k 5☆ tokens. I’m forseeing lots of 100k & done attitudes.


Looks like a lot of 8 region matchups this time.


That reeks of decreasing participation.



so talk to nobody for 3 days sure smh.


I talk to my faction mates all day every day hehe. I just like meeting news folks is all, it’s not the biggest deal in the world or anything, just something I look forward too. Which I already have, so I’m happy :blush:


Hello from Richmond here. It is good for them to introduce 8 regions somehow solving a match up problem. The Treutlen and Anderson have been match with Boone since the second region war until the last one. Treulet took the advantages of region size and matching up and monopolize the top 5 ranks in every region war. It was not Treutlet fault. They are very active though.

Boone is the first region I saw indicated as full (I am not sure if there are others.) And there are far more active factions than the other two. I counted the number of factions in the leaderboard in one region war. Two-third of the factions are from Boone. Treutlet is a normal size region and Anderson is a relatively small region. This made the matching time for Boone very very long. Treutlet’s top faction got triple the amount of matches of Boone’s top faction. This made region war no fun in Boone.


Thank you for all of that info!! We are new to all of these regions, while I’m not exactly happy with 7 regions I’m VERY happy that it’s all new people and regions. I’m really looking forward to warring with you guys!


Shitie upson