Cross Region War is an Absolute Nightmare with Russians

Playing with Russian hackers is the worst thing ever just absolutely dominating the leaderboards.


All we can say is keep on surviving

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Or stop spending until they are dealt with


Russinas from Dooly region are leading our CRW as well. Stopped spending a long time ago. You could put up an infinite amount of money and not being able to compete with the russian hackers at all. Scopely doesn’t care. People just need to stop spending all to gether.


Funny, two factions with 8m from Russia and they must be hackers.

Three factions from English speaking regions outscore 9m (BIG MATCHUP THIS CRW) but no one questions if they’re legit.

I’m not saying the Russians aren’t hackers, nor am I implying the big factions in that thread are.

But just because a faction from Russia is smacking you around, doesn’t make them hackers without further evidence of shenanigans


Sorry didn’t mean all russian factions its just frustrating to have your faction be wiped within 5 minutes of the match and can’t do nothing about it

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If you see some prestige 4-6 in those factions with hundreds of thousands of points… then that is suspicious. Look through their factions and I’m sure you’ll find a couple. Best was about 8 months ago… the person was from Shelby I believe… and they were level 16, prestige 4 and they had over a million points.


I know first, second and third factions on the 1 picture…
Half players (5-10) of each faction are always get banned after huge updates and/or wave of bans all over the regs…


Not even 5 mins, you go take a tower and come out and bang your dead! We’ve had the same region match ups for a while now kind of just hoping to get 400pts most matches

Love the matchmaking, 200 wars and 1 hasn’t faced 2. :man_shrugging:

Well, :arrow_down: there is that I demand better hacking though, they should face each other :grinning:


It’s not possible for 1, 2, or 3 to face eachother. They are from the same region. I know I overlook that quite often and just look at the wins/loses

Hey, player from #7 faction here. Totally agree with this post lol.

Hey thanks for kicking our butts lmao

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Hahaha, thank Hard Elite not me :joy:

Dude got a full crafted weapon for Mercer, three perfect crafts already smh

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Yeah…very lucky guy :thinking:

Probably a few coin missions to skip the timer in armory and a bit of luck

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Wars sucks now anyways. I don’t put the time in.

Yeah he could had coined and got extremely lucky but I don’t know anyone that would spend that much coin on one weapon.

It’s 60$ for foreigners and approximately 30$ for Russians, if you are acquainted with the guys you can make that for 8$ lol

Not that much money

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