Cross Region War Has Event Rewards


From here :

Seems we are getting some aquamarine necklaces. Very interested to see the rewards for the upcoming event.

Thanks again Scopely Team.



I am glad I can go for gear now as I do have Lucas which is something I really wanted to do the last 2 events.


Not wood nuggets. 5* tokens


Aquamarine necklaces!


Wow I am blind as hell. Thank you jeff.


Just a quick scroller haha


frantically searching to find a toon wearing said necklace


Probably the last amount of 5* tokens we’ll see for a while, if the upcoming event is anything like the previous collection events of this type.


Glad that the necklaces are at least in milestones, encourage faction activity


Start time for CRW?


I do not know personally.

@kalishane is our go-to for this :smiley:


A Lucas costs 24k but we get half the amount of necklaces. Seems fair. Sure. Yeah ok.


It’s for gear or red Lucas


Thank you. Let’s wait then… Or VK. Lol


Edited my main post with aquamarine necklace rewards.


Wow lol… glad I’m busy this weekend now lol.


In order to be desperate enough for Lucas, you wouldn’t be good enough to get that 100k. WHY IS THE AMOUNT DOUBLED?! It’s like Scopley realized that we actually liked nugget events so decided they made it worse. I’m so done dude


Rewards are bullshit, like i need anymore 5* tokens


Got you covered. $20 bucks


They didn’t change – I literally just used copy and paste. What did you want to see Addicted?


Im gunna go out on a limb here and say that war won’t be the only event that offers these necklaces