Cross Region War broken again


So does this now mean in the next CRW it will basically be faction vs faction with no tower bonuses.


Looks that way


Correct. Just like raiding.

Waiting for the complaints from the ghosters about the lack of war cans. :eyes::grinning:


More fun :laughing:


Well its gonna suck for teams who dont have weapon mods or combat mods.


I can bet that the same people that were complaining about towers being op will come and complain that they cant beat P2W teams lol.


Can’t wait for all the P2W coming in here whining that can’t auto matches in 30 seconds.


Looking forward to no towers. Now it’s just about who’s got the better team the way it should be.


I’ll take a wild guess and say… the people who have spent $1000s. Just a guess :grinning:


See you war cans. :frowning:


I’m debating to hit 50k or just stop at 10k. Probably just stop at 10k.


No towers now, enjoy!


I can beat many if them with my F2P team.


The title reminded me of something like this


Like when they put the out of order sign on the soda machine so customer’s who already paid for one drink dont get a refill.


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