Cross region War All Stars

Kind of like how the sports do. Just for cross-region war only. It’s not a team that people get to pick it’s one that scopely does. It’s a pic of 30 people in the whole region that will be on one team for one event for cross-region war when it’s all done you will just go back to your home. I probably would never be strong enough to be picked but it would be kind of neat to see.
Now let me have it and tell me why it wouldn’t work

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Would need to be self arranged.

How would Scopely select these players?
Defend ratio?
Attack success ratio?
War score?
Peak team strength?

I’ve discussed this with a few. I’d love to see a nomination by our region player to be considered and those agreeing sign up and rounded out. Issues always the same, we don’t want to see our faction mates perform poorly.

I try to be open about ideas, but no that wouldn’t work on any level, too many egos, rivalries and myself and anyone in either faction I’m in wouldnt be up for that, I’ll even go as far to say that most of the players in my region wouldn’t be down for that either. Besides Scopely giving certain regions events and not others already, nope pure suicide if they did that.

I don’t think it’s a problem it seems to choose the teams when it sets up and who is General pretty simple. And I’m pretty sure that they know the players and their setups and such in the same way that they could pick 30 people in the region

It couldn’t be set up manually because everybody thinks their team is the best. And how sometimes people are surprised that their generals when war begins just because of one level up

And technically like getting jury duty if you don’t want to you could pass

Um… No. You can defer til later. It is you civic duty after all. :smile:

I know u!! Lol

Yup that’s why to arrange such a feat it’s have to be a public region nomination system with opt out and someone to manage it.


  1. Can not nominate your own faction mates
  2. Must nominate based on performance
  3. Once nominee pool is identified, leads for Managing only coverage prioritization to be selected.
  4. Final down-selection publicly selected by nominee pool, leads providing target coverage as guide for votes
  5. Complete and utter s* show to ensue
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Hi killer.
Well cool Wanderer you put a little bit of thought into it

Haha I tend to think change is good and exciting even if just momentary. Same thing week after week gets boring and most of the salt is over non sense just due to the tensions that build when competing against one another.

Thank you I was just saying the same thing about change. It can be very positive

I really like this idea, TBH the rival faction in my Region is my old one and I think for Bartow pride all egos could be put aside for the better of representation. I personally would bury any hatchets to see this become a reality… could be hella fun

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Would make it boring for the rest of the region. And super exspensive for the chosen 30.

The top dogs already spend so that’s not a problem. If the true problem is that you would never get picked you’re not alone because I probably wouldn’t get picked ever either. And I’m sure every year when the sports pick their All-Stars there’s players that think they should have been picked over others. But maybe you’re lacking that one special weapon that the other guy has because all characters maxed out are denicol nothing’s different except for the weapon. And I guess how that could be the same too.

They can do an all star war but scopely can’t put ppl in a faction what scopely could do is use winning factions of previous CARE and march then all against each other. Then smile at all the money they make that weekend

Would be pretty cool. Would take effort by scopely though

Nice dream, but we don’t even have lifetime war stats and milestones yet

99% of the “all stars” would be coin loading VKers, trust fund babies, and cheaters

Yeah I too was thinking about the cheaters and such prior but I was thinking that since scopely was going to have an involvement with it and it’s pics it would routinely look at a player’s equipment and stats to see if they look well enough or whatever information that they get from it the indicates they’ve been armor cheating or something

Because honestly I don’t think a cheater can be just caught cheating they have to be pointed out to the scopely team for them to go and look at their accounts. Cuz there must be a log of your information that you’re talking about lifetime actions that you’ve done in the game
We don’t see it but they do.