Cross Region War 11.30.18 / Fri 4:00pm - Sun 10:00pm


You do realize people actauly stay up late and play all weekend to help fill


Ok then 48 hours for war instead.

Staying up should be a choice for those that want to get further ahead not a necessity to level the playing field


I liked the shorter ones better


Straight garbage.

We won AOW and got a pull, now unless we win CRW we get shît. If you don’t finish 1st you get an opportunity to spend $30 or more to get a 3rd or 4th Anna, Connie, Richard, Rosita, or Siddiq.

@JB.Scopely ya’ll know CRW is harder than AOW right? It’s supposed to have better prizes to reward you for the tougher competition. It’s much more difficult to get 2nd out of 8 regions than it is to win most regions (generally speaking, there are of course exceptions), and yet you don’t even get a pull.

This crap has to stop, rewards have taken a nose dive since leagues was introduced. Make us think things might be better and instead of improving the experience you intentionally screw up another area when you give us something new.


Milestones are good. Need to stretch those rank rewards out far more. This is supposed to be the headline tourney of the month


Remember when CRW actually dished out good prizes? A toon for the top 10 I believe? They’ve since quadrupled the regions participating (2 to 8) and made the prizes so poor that nobody has an ounce of excitement competing asides from the top 2/3.


People complain Scopely is stingy, you’re saying they should be more stingy?


The reward structure seems to mirror the spending required for respective ranks. The top factions, particularly the undefeated ones, are probably the ones doing the most coining, assuming the competiton is reasonably equal among the respective regional #1’s, and matchmaking doesn’t totally screw someone.

From Scopely’s perspective, the top rewards are paid for, and they reflect that. Just ball parking figures, 135 V-tokens is, in their minds, at least $100 in “value,” and the amount of coining going on atop the leaderboard equates to Scopely “rewarding” those top facs in kind.

I think the drop off is so precipitous because the spending trend also drops off a cliff outside of the top 6-15. Again, from Scopely’s perspective, those factions 6 and below aren’t “paying” for anything, so they don’t get anything.

They don’t base rewards on player engagement (that’s what milestones are.) They base them on internal valuations of real world dollars. In that sense, they aren’t rewards at all, and instead become an offer that players spend all weekend buying.

I agree that the rewards get very bad very quickly, especially when they’re the access point to a limited time event, but Scopes dgaf unless you’re spending. :woman_shrugging:


What a joke, the rewards are appalling and even getting 60 victory tokens in last war war pointless sorry this is another knife in the back awful Scopely


Rage quit


Yep that’s where we are 3rd so should finish top 25 so those tokens were worthless


museum will become character blue carl pleaseee


Yup, I knew they were going to pull the same dirty BS they pulled with Lucky tokens. So once again 90% of the community will get screwed out of even a single pull🤦 Typical.

200k milestones for 4 silver mods. Ooh sounds like fun, psych a boo boo, stick your head in doo doo. Thanks, but no thanks. At least I now have a free weekend to do anything else, bc I won’t be participating!! There’s no reason to since I’ll never get a pull. Why bother 🤷


@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag @Hedge @TayTron

Seriously read this dang thread! This post and others are so spot on. Not understanding why yall make it so hard. Wth.


Looking at all the groups on here, group 11 is stacked! Abusement Park, Strictly Business, We Are one, invictus, Walkers!

That would be a fun group to be a part of


Joke rewards. Seriously?! I’m at 65 tokens and it is certain I won’t land top 20. Such a joke.


They won’t. It’s weekend. Come Monday they’ll compensate us with a war can and 10 Brady as usual


Is there an issue with the prize bag in the last milestone @JB.Scopely

It can’t be right…


Maybe it is. Maybe that’s their way or getting back at us for Andreagate. They’ve overcompensated us and now we’re getting this crap bag.


It was fixed…