Cross Region War 11.30.18 / Fri 4:00pm - Sun 10:00pm


Again get a better faction Bro or stop complaining


You can, you just gotta leave the crappy faction first.


Om not gonna argue with a troll with a nickname like yours. Get a life and respect other players who simply cant keep up and rank top spots in an event like crw. 8 regions 8 1st spot factions 8 2nd spot factions and 8 3rd spot factions. Top 16 just like that. Talk sense or don’t bother at all.


I hear a lot of crying


Then go take care of your kids?


I literally can’t understand how people could think it’s as simple as saying a faction is crap because they’re top ten but not top 3 in a region. You’re saying none but 90 players matter? I can’t just go join a faction if it’s full and I can’t push fellow Faction members to outspend top factions from 8 regions. Do you get what I’m saying?


Not true, really depends how competitive your region is. As an example, if you are a 3rd place faction in a region, then you’d have the rewards from 3rd in A.O.W - 60

However, in an eight region CRW, theoretically you wouldn’t expect to beat any No.1 faction, nor the No.2 faction from your region, so theoretically your best placed position would be 10th (30 tokens), leaving you 10 short of a pull.

That is all theoretical, clearly strong regions will have a third place team higher than a 1st place team from a weak region.

But it just shows that pitiful amounts from two events make this wheel realistically for top factions and spenders only.


Well I mean you could always but some of the boxes with coins for a pull


Btw Colbert vs chilton that’s gonna be a good one


135 for top faction… trying to get them to spend for more because 135 is such an odd number. Should have made it like 165. More would have paid for the extra 35.


Should of just made it 500 for everyone :joy::joy::man_shrugging:


Listen, i can see why lower factions complain (im in a number 1). I have been in first place in crw and I’ve come in sixth. Honestly, the sixth place rewards sucked. It was like half a pull or something. And that’s coming in sixth, imagine the other factions below? I just don’t understand what is so hard to understand why players get mad at CRW rewards. It’s like we have to sacrifice rewards to get faster quês? It’s ridiculous.

It’s even more ridiculous when you add in the fact that this wheel is expiring shortly after the event. If you not going to get a pull, there isn’t much incentive normally. Now I say normally because the 200,000 milestone is an amazing add and a great incentive for players to keep warring.

But at the end of the day, they need to understand that there are second and third place factions finishing in the twenties… why would anyone prefer it over AOW? If this is their premier event, the rewards should show it… what does it hurt them to give the top faction 200? Then 190, 180 and só on? It’s just pixels to them. Give everyone another crappy pull and make everyone happy. Common sense.


I think they are showing it this round with rewards … minus the victory tokens but again they shouldn’t just be giving everyone free pulls on a 6 star every two weeks compete / spend or quit complaining honestly


But they aren’t… for AOW they gave EVERY region a pull for first place… now for their premier event supposedly, only 1 faction from 8 regions gets a pull… does that seem logical to you?


They shouldn’t be giving anyone a free pull every two weeks in a 6 star wheel


If anything I think they should lower the top faction to under 100 in war so they only get one free pull on. 2 event cycle


Looks like a good weekend to spend some time with the family :slight_smile:


AoW = epeen


Some dorks would spend money to get first place in crw if there were no rewards at all.


Start and finish times as always an issue

Why do you not run events in multiples of 24 hours?

From the end of the work day on Friday to the end of the weekend on Sunday all based on PST times. Ok fine where does that leave everyone else?

Surely it should run for a full weekend for everyone?

War should run 72 hours to allow everyone in the game equal shot at participation not a 54 hour war that gives the US based players a few hours play time extra advantage over Europe.

This is so idiotic it is unreal.


Nobody wants a longer war dude