Cross Region War 11.30.18 / Fri 4:00pm - Sun 10:00pm


Maybe for the top 10. For everyone else not so much.

Maybe they should think to also reward the people outside of the #1 factions for a change and just maybe that might convince them to care again and if that happens it might even lead to some spending instead of walking away in frustration.


Agreed, don’t know why Scopely are so tight with rewards.

If 1st is 135 tokens, 2nd should be 125, 3rd 100 & 4th to 10th should be 80.

Let people see a light at the end of the tunnel & who knows they may not get bored.


I mean I don’t think anybody can complain this round good rewards thanks @JB.Scopely


Then 4-10 will complain how they can’t make a pull


Plus a 200 k milestone … damn now I gotta war hard :joy:


So almost like a reverse rewards last gets first first get last forget about all competition and just have participation trophies right?


Not at all. I expect the top 10 to get the best but why should 11 on down get crapped on all the time. We work just as hard. We obviously just don’t spend as much. :smirk:


I was thinking the same first should get 0 :joy: 2nd should get 50 3 to 10 should get 100 everyone else should get 500


Better than 2-10 complaining they can’t make a pull.


I’ve gotten 2 3 a couple times never have I complained about not making a pull but I guess some aren’t as patient as me.


I mean in every type of game the top always should get better rewards otherwise what motivation would everyone else have to become first


only if they didn’t compete in the last war.

Giving out rewards without such a dramatic decline would mean mid level players would get 1 pull at least, higher level players could get 2 or even 3 with a little spending.

Spreading the wealth keeps the game healthy, starving the lower level players gives them zero incentive to play which hurts us all in the long run.


Assume every regions #1 takes 1-8. That means only 2 of the 8 regions #2 will earn a free pull for this entire event. This also pretty much means every regions #3 on down won’t get a pull without spending either.

Anyone who argues that this is not crap is obviously in that #1 faction. So I guess it’s keep surviving and be on the lookout for a victory token deal for the rest of us? :smirk:


I don’t think that accruing a single pull across 2 wars is too much to ask, especially when you consider how many dud toons are on that wheel. Let the whales have 20 pulls if they want, but at least give the plebs some small glimmer of hope that they can elevate their team even a small bit.

V tokens could’ve been factored into milestone rewards as well as ranking ones to ensure that anyone who put in sufficient effort gets some level of reward, but nope. 200k milestone is a great addition, although I don’t particularly need 4x crit damage set, atk down resist mods :grimacing:


Been saying this in numerous posts now. Might as well war for supply points. I already know my faction will rank around top 20. What’s that 10? That means I’ll have 50 victory tokens. Nice. Thank you scopley.


Well they gave out tokens in aow as well so if you have a decent faction and compet2ed you should be close to a pull between both of them


O got 40 in AOW. Like I said I’m predicting to tank in top 20-30. Which means around 10 extra.


Maybe rlly the troops and push for better plcment


If you got 40, it means you got like top 6-10 in the AOW. With 8 regions, you’re probably not going to get any Victory tokens.


This seems more likely. Guess us losers who don’t have decent factions should just be contempt with earning supply points. Meh, why can’t they have put it ad milestones? They’re such idiots. It would be perfect incentive to get the factions riled up for action and possibly get people to spend on buying cans. What’s the point of factions if you can’t be in a top one?