Cross Region War 11.02.18 / Fri 4:00pm - Sun 10:00pm


Good luck group two,
Colbert’s coming for you!


Good luck to everyone! May the war can drops be plentiful for you.


What’s going on in troup :eyes: @Kodak_black
Vin making its weekly changes and shuffles :thinking:


What trash.

Again #1 overall placed in a 6v6. I’m sure it couldn’t be squeezed in anywhere that could create competition.

Players pissed. Why buy promos if they just gonna sit without having a use. Smart move. Bravo scopely.



Seems like everybody’s happy with matchups, another good day at Scopely headquarters!


I can’t understand event chat (group 15) don’t know if they’re insulting us or what :joy::joy:


Why are you going against 4 regions it’s impossible to move up at all the matching in this game sucks


I must have confused that with the post about pulling Blount and how is that fair or whatever? How is crw working out for you? Or are you sitting it out in protest?


Are you open to transfers? If so age is irrelevant.


CRW = Hot garbage


Leagues = hot garbage


The worse cross region war to date keep this up and you will have another slew of people quitting very soon @JB.Scopely


League give gold,you prefer to have nothing than gold ?


Hell they have 0 defeats :frowning: we got no chance against them .noone at that


No not yet. Soon though.


Ok then and fine You? Some match ups could have been better I guess.


The wait is killing me! Wonder what will happen when the floodgates burst open, lol. Hopefully Leauges will act as a deterrent for a few whales… don’t want Chattoo to be ruined just yet!


Hahaha yea. Me too


No way. I’m ready to go. Like bounced out. Let those keys drop


Imagine being in their region :persevere: can’t compete with them