Cross Region War 10.20.18 / Saturday 9am PT - Sunday 10pm PT


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Not talking about milestones. Those are fine.


Was this pushed back for Onslaught? I could’ve sworn CRW was scheduled for today.


You mean for the money gouging event.

Yes yes it was. Sadly some factions have decided to chase the event.




Well they delayed it to roll out this awesome faction onslaught.


6v6 is a crock is poooooo. If factions can’t que 8 it’s their fault. Transfer to a new region and get some new blood.


Am I the only one who doesn’t mind these rewards?
I mean, come on! These have been the rewards for CRW since the beginning of the year 3 event


And then there are those like my region who can’t because they didn’t open transfers.


Surprised they haven’t opened more regions. I assume your region is less than a year old? If it is and is having trouble fielding 8v8 that’s not good for the state of the game.


My region is more than a year and a half old.


It is odd that troup won the last crw as a region and they get placed in a 6v6 war. While my region got third and we get a 8v8 war. Kind of strange.


How weird it’s not open. That makes no sense. But apparently having an open region isn’t always good.


It would be good to at least have the choice to leave or not though.


As an Aussie player where most of this war will be when I am sleeping or working, I agree x 10


But… Faction Onslaught was worth it!

Or wasn’t it? :thinking:



You have to stop grouping COLUMBIA region up without any other Asian regions!

Match queue is awfully slow due to COLUMBIA’s population and time zone differences!!

I thought we covered this already!

So incompetent! :triumph:


I actually didn’t have much issue with Onslaught. Wasn’t ground breaking but something different (sort of, it’s just raiding at heart).

Doesn’t mean I’d choose to have it shorten CRE down to 36 hours


Thank God a REAL video game like RDR2 comes out next weekend so I won’t have to waste my time on this special ed “game” anymore.

Everyone should just not even open up the app and just play RDR2 all next weekend. Show Scopely what REAL game developers can do. Not this lame ass “fight walkers, fight people, level up, repeat” game.


They’re not gonna listen.