Cross Region War 03.15.19 / Fri 4pm PST - Sun 10pm PST / War of Champions Qualifier


When I dabbled in new regions, we had the same rewards as the crw.


A Will not there be war of the region at Clarendon? because the group 29 was left out? are the most recent regions? what the hell


Any confirmation anywhere if these are the correct match ups?


Silence continues :joy:


@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely be like





@ForumModerator still no Abbeville where is Abbeville ???


Abbeville has AOW this time around. Will the same milestones and rewards apply?


Your gonna find out in an hour and 15 minutes. They haven’t responded to any questions in two days so I wouldn’t expect an answer from them. In my previous experience, yes you do.


Tbh have they answered any questions all week? They posted stuff for events but i don’t recall any actual answers to all the questions lol


Yea. Honestly this is not fun warring the same factions. Very disappointing.


Tower war sucks… Grab ws and wt then auto… No skill involved in this event. Rather have no towers at all


@JB.Scopely or someone from scopley can we get some war can offers up in Abbeville please. I have not seen 1 offer. Thank you

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