Cross Region War 03.15.19 / Fri 4pm PST - Sun 10pm PST / War of Champions Qualifier


So was Al Davis.


Why do we have to wait til its over? Why not just put it out there. Talk the talk then walk the walk.


Seriously Scope, same match ups and lame rewards? Time to call it a day and put these fingers to rest.


Congrats on towers etc Scopely, that’s much better attack orientated Ty


Quick question will those attack towers stack i.e. 70% attack Ty in advance


Well, tyrese isn’t an Alert so to answer your question, yes they stack but no tyrese won’t get 70 percent, only 30.


100k and 200k should be a gps and canteen for each milestone. Stop decreasing the rewards at every step all your doing is making people wanna quit


erm ty in advance = thank you in advance


Oh, hmmm. Maybe. :man_shrugging:t2:


@ForumAdmin and @JB.Scopely , we can not find Abbeville in this list. Also, group 22 is missing. Can you correct: it seems that this is where we are in…?


Look for regions you fought against last CRW. You’re up against the same regions you were against last time unfortunately.


zzzzzzzzzzzz 7 yea.


The last group (29) say solo war. What does that mean?


That means aow in this region


Nothing about same matchups @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely? Like really?


It is not COMPLETELY the same groups. Last time, we (Abbeville) had Russell, Taliaferro, Shelby, Newberry, Perry, Lexington, Fairfield. Taliaferro is now in 27, the rest in 28… Abbeville… is missing…


Thank you for your response

How will that affect rewards structure?


Those in AOW get same reward structure but are not eligible for the champions of war tournament.


Ok dude thanks. We are top fac in our region and finished 5th in CRW so have 15 tokens spare. Just trying to work out if I can get 2 pulls from a single war but that’s a resounding no lol


Nah Ricky because the top factions are not there or to entice the top factions CRW or AOW rewards will definitely be a lot worse (this is the Scopely way)