Cross Region War 03.15.19 / Fri 4pm PST - Sun 10pm PST / War of Champions Qualifier


You nailed it but anyone who thinks that they are #1 when they have to spend to achieve that is delusional.

A real test of skill requires that every participant start with the same exact setup and then the actual victor is the one who finishes on top.

Very true. Someone has to keep the lights on. Better them than us.


Milestones are SHITE!!!


Scopley cant count either lol went from 21 to 23. Not surprised :joy:


they are soooo lazy


Oh, look. More poo.


M.h, A.p, Fkr and S.b, These four faction icons in the last war gave a lot of money to them, smartly they put them both in the same group again Lol


I’m bringing my faction to this region and winning it all. No one knows who we are but always kick ass and win. @JB.Scopely please dont let B.R.A.W, Hard Elite, or Avengers join this or at least ban the hackers in their factions.


laughing liters, stay calm my friend :joy:


vai dormir


I always see you in the corners of the forum :sob: crying or burning my faction, I believe that denouncing would be the best thing to do, goes that has really have hacker how do you speak :joy::joy::joy::laughing:


First of all, all those emojis were unnecessary and second, stop pretending like you don’t know your faction cheats
Ps never ever said anything bad about your faction until now and i don’t complain so stop lying to yourself.


‘never said anything bad about your faction so far I do not complain’, two post above I saw you complaining, stop lying to yourself Bro.

No, never compare us with Hard elite and Avenger, totally different games, but I believe that you never fought against us so it’s normal this your useless comment


I will compare you guys to avengers and hard elite because you’re hackers


Help Scopele :persevere:help, mother, father, they are hackers!


Im betting all those factions who were together last war will wanna move so they can all make the special war lol
Anyways @GR.Scopely whats up with the exact same regions? And please can we add more t3 to milestones since we aren’t getting any events for it apparently.
Honestly since this event is coming match ups shouldnt be posted tbh factions will try and move for easy wins.


Can we please get tier 3 gear in milestones again? @JB.Scopely


Why is it the same match ups lol … have you guys completely given up @JB.Scopely


You ain’t winning shit bro.


I love when people doubt me, it encourages me and I’m willing to spend as much as it takes. You’ll know who i am once this over


“Scopely loved that”