Cross Region War 03.15.19 / Fri 4pm PST - Sun 10pm PST / War of Champions Qualifier


Greetings Survivors,

Rally your Faction and prepare to fight in Cross Region War.
Your Region will be pitted against other Regions, where Factions duke it out for rewards! :zombie:

SPECIAL NOTICE: This Cross Region War will act as a qualifier for the first ever War of Champions. Learn more here.


  • Starts: Friday 03/15 @ 4pm PST
  • Ends: Sunday 03/17 @10pm PST
  • Map: Hilltop


  • Mansion

:tough: Tough team members receive a large bonus to AP when attacking camps and strongholds

  • Weapon Smith

:alert: Alert team members gain +40% ATK when attacking camps and strongholds

  • Water Tower

Faction receives +30% attack when attacking and defending camps, or attacking strongholds


Ranks Rewards 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 150 War Tokens 10 Lilith & 8 Ulysses 4 Gear Bags
2 130 War Tokens 9 Lilith & 7 Ulysses 4 Gear Bags
3 125 War Tokens 8 Lilith &6vUlysses 4 Gear Bags
4 120 War Tokens 7 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 3 Gear Bags
5 115 War Tokens 6 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 3 Gear Bags
6 110 War Tokens 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 3 Gear Bags
7 105 War Tokens 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 3 Gear Bags
8 100 War Tokens 5 Lilith & 5 Ulysses 3 Gear Bags
9-10 90 War Tokens 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 2 Gear Bags
11-16 80 War Tokens 4 Lilith & 4 Ulysses 2 Gear Bags
17-24 70 War Tokens 2 Lilith & 2 Ulysses 2 Gear Bags
25-32 50 War Tokens 1 Lilith & 1 Ulysses 2 Gear Bags
33-40 30 War Tokens 1Lilith & 1 Ulysses 2 Gear Bags
41-80 10 War Tokens 1 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 Gear Bag
81-400 3,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens 1 50/50 Lilith or Ulysses 1 Gear Bag


Milestones Rewards 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1,000 2 Trainer Crates 1 Bronze Mod 50 Matchbooks
5,000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Bronze Mods 100 Matchbooks
10,000 2 Trainer Crates 2 Silver Mods 1 Military Watch
50,000 2 Epic Trainers 3 Silver Mods 1 Hand Crank Radio
100,000 2 Universal Trait Trainers 3 Gold Mods 1 Canteen
200,000 2 Legendary Trainers 4 Gold Mods 1 GPS


War Format Region Group
CRW 8v8 Monroe (FR) 1
CRW 8v8 Glascock (ES) 1
CRW 8v8 Blount (EN) 1
CRW 8v8 Cherokee (DE) 1
CRW 8v8 Augusta (ES) 1
CRW 8v8 Darlington (EN) 1
CRW 8v8 Greenwood (EN) 1
CRW 8v8 Lawrence (ES) 1
CRW 8v8 Marion (EN) 2
CRW 8v8 Whitfield (EN) 2
CRW 8v8 Talladega (FR) 2
CRW 8v8 Johnson (FR) 2
CRW 8v8 McDuffie (EN) 2
CRW 8v8 Lauderdale (ES) 2
CRW 8v8 Ballard (PT) 2
CRW 8v8 Brooks (EN) 2
CRW 8v8 Harris (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 White (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Coosa (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Barrow (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Wilcox (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Bartow (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Walton (EN) 3
CRW 8v8 Marshall (PT) 3
CRW 8v8 Candler (EN) 4
CRW 8v8 Paulding (EN) 4
CRW 8v8 Anderson (KO) 4
CRW 8v8 Pooler (ES) 4
CRW 8v8 Treutlen (KO) 4
CRW 8v8 Madison (EN) 4
CRW 8v8 Muscogee (ES) 4
CRW 8v8 Adair (TR) 4
CRW 8v8 Chambers (EN) 5
CRW 8v8 Butts (EN) 5
CRW 8v8 Limestone (PT) 5
CRW 8v8 Peach (FR) 5
CRW 8v8 Butler (EN) 5
CRW 8v8 Bath (IT) 5
CRW 8v8 Newton (RU) 5
CRW 8v8 Autauga (EN) 5
CRW 8v8 Coweta (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Warren (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Etowah (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Bacon (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Randolph (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Henry (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Bleckley (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Rockdale (EN) 6
CRW 8v8 Jackson (ES) 7
CRW 8v8 Choctaw (EN) 7
CRW 8v8 Macon (EN) 7
CRW 8v8 Stewart (ES) 7
CRW 8v8 Grady (ES) 7
CRW 8v8 Upson (EN) 7
CRW 8v8 Dallas (EN) 7
CRW 8v8 Tift (ES) 7
CRW 8v8 Hart (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Bryan (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Walker (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Putnam (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Elmore (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Forsyth (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Carroll (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Chattooga (EN) 8
CRW 8v8 Wilkes (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Bibb (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Troup (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Heard (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Hall (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Terrell (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Boone (繁体) 9
CRW 8v8 Stephens (EN) 9
CRW 8v8 Lamar (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Pike (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Liberty (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Ware (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Dooly (RU) 10
CRW 8v8 Irwin (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Wheeler (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Jefferson (EN) 10
CRW 8v8 Webster (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Schley (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Burke (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Taylor (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Brantley (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Lincoln (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Habersham (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Quitman (EN) 11
CRW 8v8 Laurens (ES) 12
CRW 8v8 Telfair (FR) 12
CRW 8v8 Montgomery (EN) 12
CRW 8v8 Clayton (IT) 12
CRW 8v8 Mitchell (EN) 12
CRW 8v8 Union (FR) 12
CRW 8v8 McIntosh (EN) 12
CRW 8v8 Rabun (EN) 12
CRW 8v8 Camden (FR) 13
CRW 8v8 Bullock (EN) 13
CRW 8v8 Tuscaloosa (DE) 13
CRW 8v8 Effingham (EN) 13
CRW 8v8 Meriwether (RU) 13
CRW 8v8 Oglethorpe (RU) 13
CRW 8v8 Cullman (EN) 13
CRW 8v8 Clarke (DE) 13
CRW 8v8 Fayette (RU) 14
CRW 8v8 Gilmer (EN) 14
CRW 8v8 Pickens (EN) 14
CRW 8v8 Marengo (PT) 14
CRW 8v8 Catoosa (FR) 14
CRW 8v8 Spalding (EN) 14
CRW 8v8 Pulaski (EN) 14
CRW 8v8 Geneva (ES) 14
CRW 8v8 Long (EN) 15
CRW 8v8 Turner (ES) 15
CRW 8v8 Crenshaw (EN) 15
CRW 8v8 Coffee (IT) 15
CRW 8v8 Chattahoochee (EN) 15
CRW 8v8 Mobile (PT) 15
CRW 8v8 Dougherty (EN) 15
CRW 8v8 Miller (EN) 15
CRW 8v8 Clinch (FR) 16
CRW 8v8 Bulloch (EN) 16
CRW 8v8 Talbot (EN) 16
CRW 8v8 Thomas (ES) 16
CRW 8v8 Gordon (ES) 16
CRW 8v8 Gwinnett (ES) 16
CRW 8v8 Murray (ES) 16
CRW 8v8 Conecuh (EN) 16
CRW 8v8 Franklin (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Houston (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Morgan (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Cobb (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Cleburne (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Berrien (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Covington (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Escambia (EN) 17
CRW 8v8 Richmond (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Lowndes (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Ben Hill (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Chilton (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Banks (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Lanier (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Wilkinson (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Screven (EN) 18
CRW 8v8 Cook (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Worth (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Colbert (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Albert (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Jenkins (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Decatur (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Clay (FR) 19
CRW 8v8 Edgefield (EN) 19
CRW 8v8 Lithonia (RU) 20
CRW 8v8 Bell (JA) 20
CRW 8v8 Chatham (DE) 20
CRW 8v8 Lee (DE) 20
CRW 8v8 Tallapoosa (FR) 20
CRW 8v8 Charlton (DE) 20
CRW 8v8 Winston (DE) 20
CRW 8v8 Columbia (JA) 20
CRW 8v8 Jones (RU) 21
CRW 8v8 Pierce (EN) 21
CRW 8v8 Hale (ES) 21
CRW 8v8 Jasper (EN) 21
CRW 8v8 Polk (RU) 21
CRW 8v8 Jeff Davis (EN) 21
CRW 8v8 Dade (EN) 21
CRW 8v8 Sumter 22
CRW 8v8 Baldwin 22
CRW 8v8 Fulton 22
CRW 8v8 Baker 22
CRW 8v8 Atkinson 22
CRW 8v8 Greene 22
CRW 8v8 Dawson 22
CRW 8v8 Calhoun (EN) 22
CRW 8v8 Dodge (KO) 23
CRW 8v8 Douglas (KO) 23
CRW 8v8 Tattnall (EN) 23
CRW 8v8 Barbour (EN) 23
CRW 8v8 Emanuel (PT) 23
CRW 8v8 Crisp (KO) 23
CRW 8v8 Toombs (PT) 23
CRW 8v8 Colquitt (TR) 23
CRW 8v8 Hancock (TR) 24
CRW 8v8 Twiggs (PT) 24
CRW 8v8 Roswell (PT) 24
CRW 8v8 Dale (EN) 24
CRW 8v8 Early (PT) 24
CRW 8v8 Towns (TR) 24
CRW 8v8 Fannin (PT) 24
CRW 8v8 Elbert 24
CRW 8v8 Evans (PT) 25
CRW 8v8 Lumpkin (PT) 25
CRW 8v8 Wayne (PT) 25
CRW 8v8 Seminole (EN) 25
CRW 8v8 Glynn (ES) 25
CRW 8v8 Bedford (繁体) 25
CRW 8v8 Washington (EN) 25
CRW 8v8 Oconee (PT) 25
CRW 8v8 Dillon (EN) 26
CRW 8v8 Kershaw (EN) 26
CRW 8v8 Florence (PT) 26
CRW 8v8 DeKalb (EN) 26
CRW 8v8 McCormick (EN) 26
CRW 8v8 Orangeburg (ES) 26
CRW 8v8 Taliaferro (RU) 26
CRW 8v8 Newberry (EN) 27
CRW 8v8 Russell (RU) 27
CRW 8v8 Perry (RU) 27
CRW 8v8 Fairfield (EN) 27
CRW 8v8 Lexington (ES) 27
CRW 8v8 Shelby (RU) 27
CRW 8v8 Williamsburg (RU) 27
CRW 8v8 Appling (EN) 27
Solo War 8v8 Greenville (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Berkeley (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Horry (RU)
Solo War 8v8 Spartanburg (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Marlboro (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Allen (TR)
Solo War 8v8 Anderson (JA)
Solo War 8v8 Lancaster (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Chester (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Clarendon (PT)
Solo War 8v8 Bamberg (FR)
Solo War 8v8 Beaufort (I)
Solo War 8v8 Colleton (E)
Solo War 8v8 York (EN)
Solo War 8v8 Abbeville (EN)

War of Champions Announcement

Where is abbeville


Is this confirmed now?


Those are the same matchups as last crw


Are these matchups set? These were the same as last CRW. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Hell yes,can wait to not get a pull with war tokens,even with the ones from last war.


scopely are so lazy for a new match up…


Wtf same matchups wonder why


At least they are giving us more notice, not waiting until Friday afternoon.
Small miracles.


Still have yet to listen to the community about milestones :hear_no_evil:

Copy and paste match ups now, copy and pasting rewards, events, etc wasnt enough copy and paste :rofl:


Come on… @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely why have the same matchups??? How boring. Give me a break.


Why the same matchup as last war and a few wars before that??? 4 Russian regions filled with hackers. Makes the game not worth it.


Because they are lazy. Rewards are the same too. Nice of them to force 200k for the other half of the gps and canteen combo when we used to get 1 set for 100k and a 2nd set for 200k.

No, they listen. They just don’t care. It has always been take it or leave it with them. Besides all they care about is the upcoming “tournament of coins”.


Ha. You changed ur icon lol…

I cannot believe they posted the exact same war. Except for towers. Unreal. It’s that hard to rework them? Especially since this is a “qualifying” tournament. It’s already determined unless factions transferred. No excitement.


Yeah, it was about time to change things up. Things get stale after a while. Too bad that they don’t seem to get that around here.

Same matchups, crap rewards, and no fun make RTS a dull boy.


Oh i know scopes is jumping with excitement, they cant wait for the war of coins in April. They can have this once every quarter and make all the money they need for that quarter, also put up alice, diego, etc in wheels a few days before the war, that way they can also sell gear and trainers :money_mouth_face:


Can’t you just copy and paste the scores of last CRW same as you did with the match ups and rewards so we can have the weekend off !!


Yep, sounds about right. They only cater to the top 2% in the game. That’s where all the money comes from so from a business standpoint it makes sense.

I am curious as to what the actual rewards will be for these super spenders. My guess is it won’t even come close to being worth how much they will have to spend to finish first.


I hope that this is an error, every CRW should have new variations in match ups , otherwise we are just falling back into the tired old routine like AOW


Imo nothing is worth the amount some spend in this, even if i was given every toon in game maxed out with perfect mods and weapons but that is just me. These factions are gonna spend a ton of money for in game bragging rights, thats the main reward most of the top are after i think cause everything else they just throw money at, they are the ones who coin mod scraps to level mods up. I think the main prize is “we have the biggest ____ and we beat you up in a video game, we win!”

I am excited tbh as i wanna see all these people spend a crap load of money while i continue on my normal thing, i honestly am thankful for the whales supporting the game as i sure as hell am not