Cross Region Raid Suggestion

I don’t know if this would even be a possible game mechanic, I feel like it could be possible because CRW is possible.

This would be exactly how it sounds. A cross region raid tourney. It gets kinda boring to just raid robots and the same people everyday. Being in a top faction who has 90% of the top 30 players theres not much challenge for me anymore. Even before I was in the top faction i knew the teams of the top players and how to defeat them.

Cross region raid would give us the chance to raid new people we had never raided before, I would buy cans to do a tournament like this and have a chance to raid new people that I was not used to raiding.

Let me know thoughts on this, think it would be awesome.

-Sorry if this is an event because I have only played for about 2 months and still am learning everything but I have never heard of it-


I wanna say i think they did this before… not 100% sure

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oh nice, that means it would be possible if people like the idea. Like i said I’m still pretty new so not sure if they have done certain things.

do you like the idea of it?

At least you weren’t here for the 2½ month wars drought…


yeah i’ve heard stories of sad times. But I’m grateful i get to be here for the all time low event rewards and all time high milestone requirements

they have never did this.


Agreed. It’s the first time I hear about this idea, nice going, @LVJ , I love it! Someone just take this to the team, alright?

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I love it


Wouldn’t change much tbh. U would still be fighting either carl or boobs

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