Cross region match ups?


Anybody got any match ups yet?


yea one sec, i’ll upload them now


Matchups are usually released the day before crw.


That one sec turned into an hour :frowning:


Who cares, with no 3yr tokens in rewards they will have us warring and whoring out our whole weekends for smelling salts and rolled steel lol


3YT have been confirmed.


Yes, I came back on that statement (and had to delete the former thread) as I got confused at first - I apologise.

There will be Anniversary Tokens as rewards during this upcoming CRW.
I’m still pending on Matchups, to then be able to make an exhaustive CRW details thread.


thank you


Awwww I was hoping for 5* tokens :wink:


Thanks JB, keep surviving my brother.


Any chance mccormick will get to have its first crw?


Thank you. Me and faction members need the tokens as many others do. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


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