Cro$$ region war

We haven’t had an All Our War since January 15th. I understand that copely love their cro$$ region war because… well… It is quite obviou$.

However some of us would like an AOW because we have moved to a new region or other factions have moved into the region and we would like to have local competition.

Is the All Out War never coming back?


Aow is dookie should wait for crw and move into a region opposing them and face off.


there’s been several recent backlashes from the RTS community AGAINST AOW. In short, AOW is boring since wait times are super long and outcomes are pre-determined. In fact, many factions typically use AOW to farm war cans. Also, many top factions use weaker defenses to give lower factions points for milestones. Not exactly an exciting or competitive event. I do think there are a few regions where there is a lot of activity that could make AOW interesting but few and far between.


Aow sucks dude


To be fair, in the last part of 2018 Scopely got bounced between the anti-AOW players and the anti-CRW players. Prolly why they took a month off lol.

Saying that, I wouldn’t mind seeing AOW in blitz form…

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A lot better than CRW reward-wise.


I think at this current state of RTS, AOW should be blitz only but that’s just my opinion. If they consolidated some regions, then AOW could be more exciting but obviously some would get upset due to reward structure.


I prefer CRW for the more varied opposition, i.e there’s 40 mid-tier facs competing, not just 3. But as you say, prize structure gets too little and too general further down you go. I base both war modes off reaching milestones than a rank

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We need crw without the filter that prevents us from matching our own region.

CRW = 8 region, with filter
AoW = 4 region, without filter

Region identity is a thing of the past anyways so its all kind of silly


I wish I had thought of this. Much simpler lol

Short sighted comment about region identity being silly. However good thoughts on making AOW better. I agree we should at least get a blitz but $copely doesn’t want people farming tanks for CRW.

More CRW means more exposure of f2p to p2w players from top faction and leads to more people leaving the game because of frustration. Every crew have been in, I have heard f2p players complaining about “not being able to beat any teams”. We don’t see this kind of frustration during AOW because players are more comfortable with the defenses that they face during raid tourneys, etc.

Someday p2w players will realize that there will be no RTS if the f2p players all quit. It is a symbiotic relationship between the two.


I have the feeling that AOW is gone now. Which sucks, but if they keep blitz wars going, i wouldnt miss aow too bad. Give everyone a chance to keep their regions alive with some competition. The prize structure for crw needs a massive overhaul first. I doubt anyone in power will care, they never seemed to have before.


War is busted for non-whales.
I’d rather have my weekend, thank-you


If they get rid of AOW there going to get rid of blitz because it is the same just not on a weekend and a shorter time period it is that simple AOW goes blitz goes.


There hasn’t been AOW because it’s dead just like this game. No one wants it cause the rewards are trash and the factions in that region are sick of just warring the top faction so no one wars.

End of story. Please make more topics on this

On the whole people are bouncing round regions. Personally on my fourth since transfers opened, recently transferring to join up with one of the top factions in the game. I have a soft spot for Decatur (my original region) but I don’t care for ever going back to be big fish in a small pond.

Really cuz that’s what I saw in crw, by Saturday night only the top 15-20, basically each regions top 2 or so teams were warring anymore, and rewards after top 6 in crw are trash so whats the difference? If the big boys want to have their dick swinging contests they can do it just as easily in either type of war, just in aow they would actually have to face each other more rather than having more regions to use as cannon fodder for their fun.

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Nope AoW doesn’t have the opportunity of 3 canteens

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Both aow and crw have there fans on this forum big spenders want crw for the canteen/GPS lower factions want aow for better rewards.
No one side won the debate

alow Jb was on other chat formats with whale factions da secert chat groups and they told him aow is dead only do crw and he listened not what you know its who you know so most have taken this as the debate was won.

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Lmao canteens are useless without the other gear, try again.