Critical Weapon Success Rate


I have attempted to add 30% defense on one of my toons weapon and have failed 10 times in a in a row. This has happened even with 30% extra crit success from territories. Anyone else having an issue upgrading weapons? Whats going on scopely?


I’ve failed every weapon except for 3 reflects (failed AD) and I only have one impair. Always have criticism territories too and also use kits and tape.

I even had a weapon fail and go down in score.

Yet I see others pulling AD, Impair, Stuns and all, every single time.

So yes, I’m having ‘issues’ too.


That’s just some really bad luck. Adding a duct tape makes the reg success 100% but even with both crit territories its what 60% at best. Then to make things fun even if you get the crit success to hit the chance your gonna get the stun, impair, or ab def to stick is extremely low. Just gotta keep at it it will happen eventually.

BTW are you using a dk every craft? If you aren’t you should hold off until you have one. If you fail the reg success you automatically fail the crit success.

Good Luck! It will happen eventually. After failing 20 times on impair I got 2 within 24 hrs.


I finally got stun yesterday after 15 attempts was thinking of giving up as its so annoying when your craft comes through and it’s not what you want,I always use duct etc and 30% crit territories so it is pure luck,I also got AD on my second attempt a while back, so onto the next weapon now and hoping my luck stays :slight_smile:


i been crafting sum epic shiet too lately.


Took me six months to get a red stun gun. With 30% crit territories. Just keep trying. At least 30 tries for me.


a full year to get a stun…on a one star weapon, everything else critcial catastrophe


lol same here except mine was a 2* weapon. Only stun i’ve ever gotten on Red. Never got it on Green :frowning:


+10% Disapproval, +10% Highlighted Mistakes


Took me the same. Once I got one flood gates opened and got 4 more within the next. 3 months


Took me over a year to get an impair on a Blue weapon, next I got abs! Just have to keep at it hope ur luck changes, I didn’t have the territory’s on it either don’t think it helps much.


I failed 30+ times for abs def, every single time I used dt&pk. Good thing I keep getting those reflect good good crits lol.


I have done 8 attempts now with territory bonuses 30% and ducktape. All failed to crit. In fact got the lowest possible upgrade.

How much duck tape can you be expected to waste on this? Pretty much saying why bother and stop doing it.


I’m on a weird run of crit success for shiva claws… I’m currently cooking my 18th attempt at stun using both crit territories and dt & pk each time.

First attempt was bleed, second +crit and now 15 times in a row I’ve had crit success for bleed. This game really wants me to keep bleed on those claws.

If bleed was 300 per turn, I’d probably consider keeping it.


I was 63 attempts for my first green stun weapon. Have gotten absolute defence twice, both first attempt. The armoury can be a bitch…


As far as increasing the chances for a special I am pretty sure they do not. They do increase the chances for the critical hit to land which must occur for a special like impair to happen. That’s all the terr spots do. I got a stun without them got 4 more to land with them.


Got my first stun on attempt 50. About 250 tries later I got an impair, and then another impair and and abs d. Three in a row. Then another 300 something attempts and I got another abs d. Failed stun on attack about 350 times. I’ve spent 1000s of dollars on duct tape and polishing kits and only craft if I have both. Found it easier and cheaper to pull for promo weapons when they come up.


I actually thought it was intentionally wrong. I thought it was funny.



I’ve never bought dt or pk.
2 red stun, two shiva claw stun, one green revive, one def impair, one abs def.
no +8% yet though


I’ve failed stun on a green more times than i want to remember. I’ve read somewhere that +30% from crit territories doesn’t really make it 80%, and judging by the success bar it seems true. Just remember, this feature is another money drain.