Critical success increase

Just wondering what everyone thinks about this. I’ve been trying to craft a stun stick for 4-5 months with no success. Not a noob, so I know how and when to try. Already have 2 abs def and 2 stun guns. But still had no success on the stun stick. In the passed week, I’ve now succeeded 3 times. Obviously I’m not complaining, but I noticed a couple faction mates had success this week, I saw maybe 5 other successes. And in the passed few weeks it’s been building. Do you think they’ve upped the odds maybe because they’re planning something with status negating skills. Not recover stun and such, but something attached to the character or weapon… Or armor maybe… Just wondering thoughts…

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It was the moment when you have entirely given up and expect the same old result, is when that bad boy came to me


Keep trying. I’ve crafted a stun blade and stun claws on my second tries each.

Took me 6 months to craft a stun gun and impair rifle. Patience.


Ive been trying for a stun gun since armory came out. That and impair have eluded me, I have stun when attacking one two and two abs defense.

yeah That’s right,I’ve got ap down from that without duct tape or kit , I’ve just throw it in and boom!!! crit !!!

Nope, 0 for a lot.