Critical hit during ARs

Game had this at launch.

Characters like Gloria were godly against walkers

Other characters’ damage got kinda outta control in PVP/Human combat

It was changed, and now the ability to crit during AR is a special feature for MultiAttack rush users.


So u are saying that 6* carl can crit AR? And toons like camo michone 5*?

I have yet to see a crit on any AR…

Ill post you a screenshot EBOLA on how you can tell the differences if an AR can crit and if it cannot.

How you know if this person’s AR can crit as it will say it is an “Attack” and not just “Damage” :

Just your normal AR attacks that cannot crit will say DAMAGE :

Granted I think a lot more clarity could be made here if the “Attacks” were changed to “Basic Attacks” so people would hopefully get a better idea on the mechanic.

Knowing this is important when you have this on your team and when you are facing it because weapon modifiers such as “Stun while defending” now apply to people with “Attack” AR’s.


So toons with 2 attacks only for AR can crit?

Doesnt make sence to me really… bad wording… i would think an atk is an atk… all atks should get critical chance imho… i see the difference tho… so cuz mira doesnt say 1 atk of 350% dmg she doesnt get to crit… only if an ar says 2 atks of x dmg… lame…

Currently two characters have multi attacks that I know of. Blue 6* Dwight and yellow 5* Teresa.

I agree the wording could be better such as “Basic Attacks” so for ex “2 Basic Attacks”. From what was put by @Agrajag above it makes sense that if all the ARs crit I can see people on the offensive just smashing a lot of defense teams out there and with the change there is exclusivity to that mechanic. In the case of all AR’s being able to crit as well, I can only see the meta shifting towards nothing but AOE attacks which sort of kills a lot of strategic thought as it is a very brute force tactic. I would just bring 2 commands and 3 aoe AR people and it that would do it I would imagine against most teams.

Well, I’m not sure off the top of my head how many attacks Teresa does, but if it says “Deal XXX attacks”, that would tell you.

On the flip side, when my Dwight uses his AR, he can get stunned or impaired, something that would never happen to regular AR. So it can suck too.

@Katolo Yup, I cannot tell you how scary it is using Dwights AR when there is a Reflect Damage mod floating around somewhere lol. Sometimes I just yolo it to see if I can 1 shot myself.

Teresa dpes 3 attacks. On any of those attacks she can stun someone.

The verbage is actually correc tcause it deal 2 seperate attacks at 350% per attack which wouldnt make it a basic attack but since its a multi attack it can also be a crit attack as well if you decide to have that mod on him. Is it confusing sure but the verbage isnt wrong.

5* guardian yumiko (white shirt) has multi-attack as well.

We will have to agree to disagree then. It is a basic attack in terms of how it functions just exactly the same as a basic attack. All it is, is just a steroid basic attack. A “Basic Attack” (which lets us know if this can be effected by weapon mods) with a x% modifier on it. To me just calling it “Attack” is very vague as every offensive ability that does damage is considered an “Attack”.

What other kind of attack is there in the game that is an AR? Cause there is either attack or damage? and at the moment there is only i believe 3 multi attack toons (Dwight, Teresa, and Guardian Yumiko i believe). Seems people are making harder than it needs to be

Thanks for the insight Agrajag!

I mean it is very easy to come to a conclusion of word usages when we sit here and talk about it on a forum. But you do realize we are talking about people who randomly come across said verbage and will not understand what all the said word “Attack” means in that context. I wouldn’t go under the assumption that everyone that plays this game is savvy enough to pick up on that type of stuff right from the get go, hence this post (I didn’t either until I used Dwights AR and got stunned from a Stun Gun which got me thinking).

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Also, that one yumiko has multiple attacks. Cant find a SS of her though.

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Nice. I thought the two I listed were the only ones.

Multi attack rushes are discussed here: :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects] just in case you guys needed more insight.

A new threat Dwight, Teresa, and recurve bow yumiko all have it.