Critical damage set bonus

Critical damage set bonus. Is this a critical hit chance? Or is it the power of a critical strike?
If this is the power of the critical strike, then does it stack with the power of the critical strike?

Its the damage and it adds

Critical damage mods do not increase the chance of a critical hit. They do stack with the built-in +50% damage for a critical hit and also with the +damage for the critical damage mod.

I would not do this as splash damage of any kind is not affected

what yall do with crit set mods? just curious.

I never have used a crit set up since its inferior to an attack set up. Ill use crit damage time to time but Ap down is useful and I always roll with a resist on my wildcard

When the majority of the mods you receive are from crit set, please understand that the odds for that are set high by scopely and hence proving that it’s crap :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Crit damage is useless for normal toons.

With the onset of 15/35 surrounding a killer toon, or a yellow crit expert craft, especially for any crit specialist (bloodthirst, headhunter, disarm, confounding, guardian, collateral damage) or a weapon that activates on crit (rampage), you are actually much better using crit dmg mod.

It wasn’t the case for 5*, was so-so for 6*, but is very much true for S-class: the stat mods are just flat increase, while lead and weapon (+ surrounding weapons) are giving multipliers.

Base atk 5k - lead 50%, weapon 40%, two 15/35 weapons will result in 5,000x1.5x(1.3x1.05x1.05)x1.15x1.15 = 14,216
If you use an atk+atk set that will buff atk by a nice 1.3k total, you still end up with just 15.5k atk
If you hit a 10k defense toon, the difference in damage dealt will be some 20% only. On the other hand, using a crit damage (aux mod) on a crit set can easily mlre thsn double the damage output.
And 20% and 100% is a massive difference…

I was talking about crit set. The only things I’ve been getting are def vs traits and few random resists in crit set.

Attack mods give an arbitary increase to attack whereas crit sets give a percentage to damage. As your attack gets higher, the percentage begins to far outweigh the set number. The flip side of the coin however is that the critical is not a guarantee whereas the attack boost is a built in. Therefore it’s a no brainer to go crit set on a yellow toon with 100% crit chance. It’s still probably better to go crit set with bottom left crit damage boost on a high attack toon, especially with some 15/35s in the team as mentioned by @YSpammer above.

Toons with multi attack ARs benefit from crit sets significantly more than those without.

You can observe the difference in damage with toons such as Hengyen and James. Give these toons your top attack mods then swap them out for your top crit mods (with crit damage boost either occupying bottom left or centre) and you will notice a significant difference in the damage they deal.

I’m currently contemplating swapping my Priya’s attack mods out for crit mods - I fully expect her damage to increase.


If you got Rampage then you will only Producer more Damage at the first Hit. That’s a critical Hit. The Additional targets are calculated on Base ATK they are Base ATK Damage no Crit dmg. With 175/40 double Attack Rampage that means you would only benefit 3 out of 18 Hits you can make with her. Because only the Initial Hits are Crit Hits and get the Bonus from the Crit Set.
Here is a nice explaination of it:


Thanks for the reminder. I did read about the mechanics in the combat reference guide.

Still, depending on the type of trait and resist mods available, I’d be leaning towards crit dmg set once I get the rampage crafted (just now got the 175/40 nand upgraded the shotgun). The main reason being, I want to destroy what I am aiming at and I am not rushing Priya eveey turn… The collateral targets are just a nice bonus, rest of the team will finish them off anyway.

Thanks for that info @foolya! Very good to know!

Yes Rampage is rly Heaven or Hell. If you not crowd Control T1 and rush T2 it’s hard to manage bc it gives away so much AP :sleepy: Godod Luck on your crafts both!!

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