Critical Buff: Maim Damage


I’ve said this in the past and I’ll say it again, the critical stat is very under-powered. I’ve never seen a P2P team with multiple 5*/6* with a critical lead and critical weapons. I think that a great way to buff this stat would be to make the damage that it deals, maim damage. We’d actually have a reason to have huge AP when attacking+36 critical leadership skills. It’d be a great way to counter those shield /healing teams that’s made the game so stale right now and would allow more team building options.


Sounds pretty cool. Zeke would be even a bigger pain in the ass then though with the infinitely procing guardian hits


Yes, make it even more overpowered. People use high defense teams which are already shit against maim damage. People are forgetting that a full maim team can easily beat all


Sure, as if 800+(non-buffed) maim damage on basic attack isn’t broken…

And I disagree, critical stat is not underpowered. It actually is pretty balanced right now, with the introduction of mods, multi attack, and specialist skills that work in tandem with critical.

The reason you don’t see that many people running critical leadership is because there aren’t many good ones. The only character(I can think off) that allows for a bit of flexibility is Green Abe, where he gives 36 Crit to all melee teammates. But even then, many people do not think Green Abe is a good character to use right now.

Since there’s a decreasing marginal returns for critical, stacking crit too much crit isn’t ideal either. With the mods system, players can opt out of a crit leadership or weapon without hitting that diminishing returns curve too fast. Not to mention, there’s also a crit damage mod and set bonus which works well.


Either I got something wrong here about maim or maybe I didn’t explain the maim damage well enough or something else. If I deal 400 damage critical, it’d be 400 unrecoverable health. Also, I disagree with you when it comes to critical being balanced. It was barely used in the 5* age and it isn’t used much now. Would you rather Mirabelle lead give 40%+ atk or 36+ critical?


That’s what maim is; I wasn’t disagreeing with you on what it was, but rather how if critical attacks were to be changed to maim, it’d be too broken.

Crit was barely used in the 5* meta because Guardian 2 didn’t exist(Or any other interesting critical specialist skill), and 5* meta was defined by 45/56A AP characters. You can’t say Crit isn’t used much now when you can easily find teams with Guardian 2’s rocking Crit. There’s also Confounding and Disarm, but those are more tightly restricted towards P2P characters.

Green Abe has 40% Atk and +36 Crit for Melee teammates, but you won’t see people rocking him just for his leadership. Also, you completely skipped past the part about diminishing marginal returns.

For instance, my Zeke has a +33 Crit and +35 Crit when attacking enemies with more than 60% of their HP, weapon. He also has a +41 Crit mod, so based on my in-game observations, I’m landing a Crit about 55-70% of the time taking into consideration of decreasing marginal returns. If I throw in Green Abe’s leadership, I’m boosting that 55-70% Crit chance to about 65-80% Crit chance. I’d rather get an ATK, HP, or DEF boost over that Crit.


People who aren’t using crit don’t have Michonne, Louis, Zeke or the myriad of others who benefit significantly from it. Just because you don’t see it on defense doesn’t mean it’s not being used.


Go run Dwight with crit dmg set and up that crit chance. He goes beast mode. Many like myself are leveraging this.


How would it be broken exactly(the 800 maim damage)? Also, I’m comparing the usefulness of critical to the other 3 main stats(don’t know if you factored that in).


Does that work against triple shield teams with 2 revives?


Maim currently exists in a weird spot because it’s only applicable via ARs, and they are a flat set damage. (So a Negan with 600000000 ATK will still only do 600 maim damage.)

By applying Maim to critical damage, you’re not only screwing over past characters with the Maim effect, but also completely neuter healing characters. It isn’t like a minor counter to healing characters; it would be a complete neutering effect. Not to mention characters with heal reduction also get screwed.

I don’t think you can’t compare Crit to ATK/DEF/HP on a similar basis because Crit serves much more purpose than just bonus damage. (Eg: Specialist skill) I don’t know what set-up you use or fight against, but I run Crit on Zeke alone and I love him.

If anything, a good counter for heal teams would be to introduce Maim mods, like how Burn and Bleed was introduced.


I think you’re right and wrong. Maybe maim on attack isn’t the way to go but it wouldn’t be broken. Also, I think destroying healing characters is the point of maim.

I think you can compare critical to the other stats because Scopely does it all the time when giving % to ls and ARs. Anyways, I was just making a suggestion but maim on critical might not be the best idea.


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