Critical attack and critical damage

are this two the same?because they are on percentage…

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@kalishane can you answer this?

What if one increase the crit value, and the other is a conditional giving more damage for critical hits that already boost dmg by x1.5?

Swift is correct.

The top post here describes the combat system, it’s a long read but tells you alot.

For critical, this is the best mention

Deal damage to the specified set of targets with a multiplier on the damage calculated from the relevant characters’ Attack and Defense stats. A character that would normally do 150 damage to their target performing a 300% damage action would deal 450 damage.

Trait Advantage results in the final damage being multiplied by 2
A Critical Hit multiplies the final damage by 1.5

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thanks for the answers guys…one last question,i have a critical damage mods on ezek…it can help popping up hes guardian?


No, critical damage increases the amount of damage he does when he crits. It doesn’t make him crit more often.

thank you for the answer…


thanks you very much

Dammit, I didn’t even notice that, what a stupid set

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