Crit territoires bonus don’t stack when you lose bonus territories

Hi @JB.Scopely

The Crit success and crit bonus don’t stack anymore when you lose the crit territories.

In french:
Les bonus de chances de réussite critique donné par le centre commercial, le magasin de survie … ne restent plus lorsque l’on perds les territoires. Du coup cela affecte l armurerie qui ne conserve plus les bonus de réussites une fois les territoires perdus.

Quand j ai commencé le craft j avais +30% de chance et 15% crit. Puis lorsque nous avons perdue le magasin de survie et le centre commercial, les 30% de chance on disparu.

Ci dessous les photos prise à différents moment sur le craft encours

Peux tu regarder svp?

Cordialement / Regards

Just a visual thing, you’ll still see the bonus which was applied when you started the craft when you collect the finished weapon.



Wird that all my craft have failed since the new year. I started all my craft with 30% Chance of crit :(.

@JB.Scopely, can you check it please.


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Failed, or just not hit a critical success?

Probably just bad luck. I’ve collected three or four weapons since Jan 1st, and all have displayed “+30% Crit” on the collection screen, even when my faction have not held both territories.

I think you’ve had a run of bad luck, and have spotted an old visual quirk and assuming a link

Would you put it past scopley tho to change it to needing the territory to be held when pulling the weapon for the extra crit to be applied and just leaving in the visual that you have it when actually you dont? :exploding_head: :scream:

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