Crit or Atk for Multi-Hit Toons


So I know that crit mods are the best for Disarming toons like Michonne and Louis. I think I read somewhere that it’s been mathematically proven.

How about toons like Dwight or Sandy who do not have Disarm but do multiple normal hits similar to disarm Michonne? Do people put crit or atk mods on them? And what about their weapons?

Would love to hear some thoughts on this


Attck on weapon and crit mod.Its work really nice or make new weapon 30 crit 30 attk and huge bonus to ap and attk and crit mod.
I pulled konrad last week (T3 now) and he is amazing with this strat.


You need to add double attack, crit and huge ap when attacking that gives a chance at an extra hit as well, Konrad weapon has it built in already so he’s set


Yea but if you already have double attk weapon you can do something like this.


What about Sandy? If you had to choose between atk and crit mods?

And for her weapon, the best is probably to retain her double Attack so which would be bettered - 40% atk + huge ap on atk or 35% crit + huge ap on atk


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