Crit Mods? Please advice

Hmm somehow I didn’t assign any Crit Mods on my characters, but which characater are best for Crit Mods ? What is you choose and why?

Collateral damage toons. The crit mods boost crit damage and which gives an actual benefit to the collateral damage toons like Blue Alpha and Konrad.

Collateral damage II (Konrad, blue Alpha, Ryker)
Guardian Shield II (Yellow Glenn, yellow Zeke, green Kal, Ivanova, red Hershel)
Confusing (Yellow Yumiko only)
Disarming (Green Bruce, blue Michonne, Louis)

Crit sets boost critical damage, not crit chance. So all the set bonus does is boosting damage output in case a critical hit appears. If not, the set bonus does nothing to a hit.

Therefor I personally prefer Damage sets (with a crit chance Mod). More damage also translates into higher crit damage. But the damage bonus is also applied in case you do not crit (which happens rather often since they’ve nerfed crit rates).

I tried to come up with calculations and discussed those in some line groups. However, as long as Scopely doesn’t reveal the damage calculation behind it, we can’t tell what set offers the highest damage output.

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