Crit mods bonus any use?


I have some decent gold mods but they are only on crit bonus can Anyone clearly define what a crit bonus gives me and if it’s worth using those mods


Its working nice with Dwight


Chance of crit work well with guardian trait skill.


Its crit damage bonus, increasing the dmg of a crit


Yes it’s useful on attack.

Bonus 300 crit (example) means if you land a critical hit it will deal an extra 300 damage total (I think). That’s pure damage against the enemies HP + you get 150% damage just for landing a critical hit.

If for example to hit with 1000 damage you would get 500 extra damage for the crit hit + 300 additional making a basic 1000 damage hit with 1800.

Hope that makes sense.


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Yeah I’ve noticed that also with Zeke’s G2. I run him with a 45% Crit chance mod, 40% Crit on his weapon behind Green Abe, and he pops it off less than a Zeke behind a Carl on the other team… what is this fuckery???


There is a difference though between bonus crit & crit chance.

The crit sets just give bonus crit, meaning you cause more damage IF your toon lands a critical hit.

To increase the chances of landing a critical hit you need the specific crit chance mod.


I almost feel like activation of special weapons or abilities has something to do with your opponent. Like some people my weapons will work great, but there are some people that my weapons will never work or theirs will always work. There’s no middle ground, like if I attack a blue it’s either none of my characters get impaired or 4/5 of my people get impaired.

It’s probably just bias, but you never know with IUGO’s shoddy coding.


There’s a decreasing marginal returns with Crit, so for example, the difference between having +80Crit and +60 might be a small difference once it goes through the formula.


Yeah I’ve seen that also, or everybody gets stunned or nobody. Pretty messed up!


The crit chance increases an arbitrary number that is a super scopely secret. But the Crit damage adds a extra percent damage from crit. A normal crit attack is 150% of normal. If you have a full set of crit damage you can add up to 50% so I would guess that would make an attack be 200% as strong. There is a crit damage mod as well but i only have a bronze one unleveled so i dont know how much it could add to the mix. I guess you could get 250% of a normal attack if modded properly.


This is false. Critical damage is not the same as critical chance.


Crit dmg is the set as well as a lower left slot.

Best used on multi attack toons such as Dwight, Louis, Bruce, michonne, sandy, konrad.

Its a healthy alternative for atk set mods though output wise seems to not outpace pure atk builds until you near > 70% crit damage and very high crit %.


Not really, 100 of crit its a 2/3 of guardián skill at least


It was an example to showcase what I meant by decreasing marginal returns formula for crit. I don’t actually have what translates to what numerically.


Ok ok, i understand but in a developers words, with guardián 100 of crit is 2/3 chance, so its arroud 66% of secure critic


Wow i would almost say is RNG…


If your talking of crit suit mods they are best used on toons with collateral damage like Alpha and blue Konrad. It boosts their damage done with collateral kicks in


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