Crit mods advice

So I’m kind of stumped on what to do with crit gold mods? The other three and pretty easy to figure out but I just don’t know who to assign them to. ( Besides zeke!! LoL ). Would anyone be willing to share who they have assigned them to and how they have been successful? Much appreciated

I have a 2 teams off zombie killers. One range and one melee. I put the gold on them and sell the rest. That’s just me tho. I’m sure there’s a good use for them but other than killing zombies I don’t know what good they are. Putting them on Zeke isn’t any good either. They’re for crit damage. You want the ones that go in the upper left corner and are call “crit chance” for Zeke

oops… lol thank you

Aren’t Mods from a Crit-Set especially pointless on characters in Anti-Walker-Teams? A critical hit always kills them, so the additional damage provided by the set bonus does exactly nothing…

Like in the Zeke-situation, you want a critical chance bonus for Anti-Walker teams.

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yeah, they’re only good for collateral damage and guardian toons, so they can by the way deal more damage. i dont find the occasional 1,5x damage from a critical hit good enough to not use hp/def/att mods. rng for attack teams is so bad.

I do well with this. When he crits his damage goes up. So helps give that edge.

Also put some on Bruce. I had to do something with all the crit mods.

The crit suit is useful for collateral damage toons as it’s boosts your crit damage.

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