Crit Faction vs Crit Sharing


For all the people out there who have done both crit sharing and crit faction I’d love to hear your feedback on which is the better option of the two. I know that both have their pros and cons so wondering weighing all the factors which do you prefer. Please only comment if you’ve used both (I mean comment if you want it’s a free forum but if you can at least indicate if you haven’t used both so to help with my research that would be great. )


  • Crit Faction
  • Crit Sharing

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I believe crit sharing is better because there is no need to hope in and out of factions and risk losing out on tourneys and the like. And crit sharing can also take place during war.


Critical factions don’t work just go with sharing


It shouldn’t even be a question.

I see only cons with crit faction. People joining, leaving, you need to changing ranks in your faction, passing lead, its locked during faction events, you need to wait till rewards are out…

While it take less than 5 min to clear out 1 team on both territorries.


I have on used crit sharing but with the introduction of leagues it makes more sense to take crits from other faction when they are done since you get league points for it.


Thanks for the feedback guys. :slight_smile: appreciate you taking the time.


Crit faction means top hop in, hop off which is pointless.

Crit sharing all the way


I agree with you narcissae. Wanted to get a feel if I was alone in my thinking or not. thanks for the feedback.


The only ones who want crit faction are control freaks who want to hold other faction’s to their bidding. If it’s sharing then anyone can go at anytime they wish, if it’s crit faction then your stuck to half the month due to faction events. This makes it so the dirty unwashed can’t get better.


Couldn’t agree more!!!


I have not used both, but doing a crit faction seems silly compared to just sharing the territory. At a minimum, you have to corrupt your accumulated faction stats.

Faction management and recruiting becomes a headache for non-top factions, since you can’t have Open Recruitment without risking that all spots become filled while members leave to join the crit faction before they can get back. A faction leader has to give up his role…

Seems far more inconvenient


I prefer crit sharing with 1 team in. Easier for all. And if you want it you can just take it.


Myr region never had a designated crit faction we’ve always had sharing and made it a rule that you can’t place defense higher than 9k and anyone who does put defense higher is ganged up on by all factions and booted out of all currently held territories as punishment lol.

Needless to say stacking doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s hilarious to see the backlash on global and the territory map


As a player in a region with a crit faction I have to say that it works very well. Yes, you can’t craft all the time because of the faction lock, but does that really matter? I’ve done 6 crafts since war ended, and that was without taking any notice of the clock. Yes it screws faction stats but no-one in my region cares about that. You go when you want, take a couple of minutes to craft, and then you return to your faction. As far as I know no-one has ever lost their place because it was filled whilst they were away. Even if that did happen it would be an easy enough situation to rectify.

Having no experience of crit sharing could someone explain the details of it to me? For example, if, at 10:30am one morning I decide that I want to try and craft two weapons how do I go about getting all the necessary territories under my control? Or do I have to wait until my faction decides it wants to go crafting? And then what if my faction takes all the territories, but because of time zones I’m asleep when that happen? Etc., etc. I don’t know the fine details of crit sharing.


Usually when you crit share you can take whenever you want after timer runs out. Some will abandon and let it go to walkers. Usually you put 1 weak team in which makes it easier to take.


Crit sharing. It’s 24/7 available and doesn’t require any resets on faction progress or risk of lockouts. That and it’s a great region bonding experience to curb-stomp people that try and stack them.


My region used to have a crit faction and I must say it was kinda cool at first getting to leave ur faction and going to a different one but gets boring after time I agree crit sharing is better but it does suck when u go to do a craft and have to wait an hour due to another faction just taking the territories I’d say that’s the only bad thing about crit sharing


I never tried anythink out like a Crafting Faction even if we had one for a long time. The Main Reason was that our Faction was keept out of everythink from the Leaders and me still pretty fresh were happy to be there. After the concept came to light everythink broke together and I became the Leader (The Original Leader went out and never came back). Then when everythink was Back normal, beside 2 Fusions later, the Crit Faction closed their Gates, I was a Leader anyway though.

And now the Crit Sharing works fine. Just a message in the Leader Chat and that’s it.


you need the cooperation of everyone. the leadership team holds the territories, 1/30 in the faction. if you succeed, congratulations


Crit sharing works like this and you do it about 2 times a day:

  1. You call the crits in the Region chat. Sometimes a que forms.
  2. Your faction takes the crit territories (all 5 if you have enough teammates, but only 2 are needed)
  3. You place one weak team in each territory.
  4. The next faction takes over when the shields end.

I have used both methods and do prefer the Crit Sharing because:

  1. Territory teams are not reset (costs points)
  2. No chance of getting locked out of faction events
  3. Can craft during faction events
  4. League trophies gained when attacking crits
  5. 4* Weapon tokens gained
  6. Faction statistics are not impacted