+Crit crafting bug?


I started crafting while holding both critical sucess when crafting territories. When clicking on the armory, it showed +30% crit. After losing a territory, the armory now shows +15%. Is this a new bug or visual error. My understanding is that the bonus applies as long as you hold the territory for some point during crafting


Start of craft you need to be holding territories. Anything else is irrelevant.


Within the past week, I’ve did 6 crafts holding both territories and all of them didn’t crit. Fucking RNG man :frowning:


That is why I’m saying that territories probably reduce chances instead of increasing, this game tends to implement stuff like that. In last month I got 2 stun guns, 1 -30 ar on def and one abs defense - while I was avoiding usage of territories completely, so crafting factions are definitely useless, cosmetic additions and probably bugged.


It’s a visual bug that will be addressed in one of the future updates. I know that sometimes it may seem as territory buffs don’t necessarily help with the success rates, but we tested and re-tested them numerous times and they do work as described.