Crit change and Headshot rush


It typical Scopley behavior. If it aint broke break it. Im sick of them changing things that work fine.


First ultra gear roadmaps, now nerfing drop rates on anything worthwhile and causing us to spend on unnecessary stim packs and drug kits…I can see where this is headed.
Game was alot of fun when I first started YEARS ago…


Napalm the village to suppress the dissidents hiding among the farmers?


I understand them not wanting teams full of >100% crit, but r he n my experience even those types of build (well over 100% at face value) only occasionally got perfect headshots. Sure lots of 5/5 and 4/5 which was enough to clear stages easily, but not reflecting guaranteed crit.
There might be a couple of really well tuned genuinely perfect teams but not many.

Breaking Amy’s crit rush is a different bug (or should be) since it’s supposed to be a guaranteed 100%, just not every round.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl this is why people don’t believe you haven’t broken the damage/hp bar issue - you’ve implemented a change and a bug has appeared that. Is very likely to be related, but you didn’t know about.

Not the first time either.


It has been fixed and will be available soon.


Does anyone know why they changed it anyhow? It seems the only thing it did was make things worse


Because of it, critical chance was never supposed to reach or surpass 100%.


What is our actual chances to crit and will this be changed in the near future? Also u scare me Combat Devil with that Ned Flanders pic.



Homer, “Can you please return to the old formula for critical chance?”

@CombatDevIl,“Never! Take that critical chance! Muhuhuhuhua.”



Am I very unlucky or what ?
I just got the last milestone for the raid event so I’ve made a lot of raids and it really seemed that defense had a boost in critical hit. I saw that especially against Ezekiel absolute defense critical weapon, so mostly between +24 and 35 crit. Before the update, they would rarely crit and now it was totally the opposite, like around 80% of critical hits. Anyone experiencing this?


Here, there is some interesting discussion


Absolute defense triggering has nothing to do with attack critical chance. And, no, it hasn’t changed between 9.2 and 9.3.


I didn’t talk about a link between absolute defense and critical chance. The thing is there is 2 types of weapon for Ezek : full crit with the crit spécial trait maximizing thé chance but making Ezek an ez target and absolute defense + simple crit, maximizing défense but diminishing crit chances. I noticed that those 2nd weapons that rarely got crit before now gets it a lot more and it’s disturbing. Before I wasnt too afraid about those Ezek getting crits but now I have to focus them and stun them soon because they’re getting a lot.
I’m not saying you changed anything I’m just stating a question because this is crazy to me for them to get so much crits when my full crit Ezek doesn’t manage to get as much. Maybe it’s just a lot of bad luck but I’m absolutely not dreaming this. FeelsBad if it’s just bad luck but I just go my fourth Green and Red stun so I guess it’s karma ^^


I’ve just done a level on SR and the walker with the helmet I hit him 8 times with guns and knifes from my 6* with 36% crit lead and every time it came up 0 abs def for him,I mean come on 8 times before he took a hit,I have abs def and this never happens to my toons :frowning:


Walker’s Abs Def has better chance to trigger than the craftable weapons.


Thanks for the reply just I’ve never hit one walker for that amount of hits and not even scratched him it was annoying as it was the first level on 252 so I got swamped and dead before any ar from my toons triggered.


SR ennemy special traits has 50% odd of proc while our weapons have a 33% one.


So crit went from one extreme to the other? maybe somewhere in the middle?


I’ve had the same crap happen, Dwight lead, most weapons are either 50 crit or 40 crit total with raider lvl 1 and I get 1-2 headshots out of 5. I try to go in with a different leader second time round like Garrett so def heavy and I can get 4-5 headshots with just crit weapons, it makes no sense whatsoever.


They changed the crit formula so now there is a point where all that extra crit gives diminishing returns. Not sure exactly what the limit is but if I had to guess I would say the slayer 1 weapons are useless now. Just need a good crit lead and any weapon with crit, and a rush. I seem to get 3 or 4 out of 5 where before the nerf we were getting like 4 or 5 out of 5. It sucks but it’s something we are gonna have to get used to.