Crit change and Headshot rush

I just ran Amy with her guaranteed crit rush on a stage with stun walkers. Unless I am mistaken (and have been very lucky in the past), the rush should be guaranteed to kill a walker, right? In this case, the rush only dealt damage. Is it possible that the changes to how crit works also affect the Headshot adrenaline rush?

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These all seem to be talking about regular crits (where you only have a rng chance of getting a crit, and you can use bonuses and buffs to increase the chance). I’m talking about the adrenaline rushes of some characters that deal guaranteed critical hit damage, like 4* Amy. Unless I misremember (any I played her quite a bit early on when she was my only drop lead), “deal critical hit damage” actually means “deal a critical hit”, so walkers should die immediately.

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I see, I’d forgotten about Amys AR, They’ve been fiddling with the Crit mechanics so maybe this has been affected too?

I used Amy as fodder a while a go so cant test her out

Exactly, that’s why I’m asking. I thought of using her on stages with stun walkers, as it will give me a guaranteed crit that won’t get her stunned, but it didn’t work. I might have made a mistake (was before my first cup of coffee lol), that’s why I’m asking if anyone else noticed.

As far as I am aware that is always how it used to work. I keep a few 2* Macs in my roster for blue walker Survival Road emergencies and their rush always seems to be a guaranteed headshot, same with Red Amy, who I had in my old region. I kept her around for ages for that ability alone. Perhaps the crit changes have had some sort of knock on effect on that.

This started happening when Sr first released, when I asked support they gave me some bs about how the Sr walkers were more powerful than normal walkers and thus a crit wouldn’t always headshot… even though headshot is the name of the rush and the description is deal a critical hit to a single enemy. Around then was when I got Sr zeke so I just gave up on it after I t4ed him…

I will test this later. But in my opinion her AR should one shot a walker because it is 100% crit

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Had it happen again, this time on a greed bleed boss walker.

I’m pretty sure they broke the headshot rush at least once before, but scope developers don’t appear to know how to flag an old version as bugged so they keep screwing the same things up over and over again.
It would be on the old forums if we could access them

Edit: google knows it exists but won’t open the link:

And yeah, I know i can’t spell


I noticed it too. Im on level 372 of SR and with a huge crit leader say dwight crit weapons and crit buff toon I’ve still seen rounds of only killing 1 or 2 walkers. Had entire teams of blues wiped out by red walkers cause i cant get a critical hit. They didnt just fiddle with critical hit they out right broke it. They need to fix it cause its gotten ridiculous.

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That AR actually means 100% critical.
For me, i use in my team a leader w/ +36 crit and weapons that have +30crit and +35crit when attacking enemies with more than 70 of their max HP. Thats 101% success, but i still get some normal hits even for war zombies in towers.

Idk why scopley reduced that factor, thats what they do…they fool their customers like rng (weapons and pulls)

Agreed I have noticed in Bronze and Silver already. I see less chance of getting a crit than last SR

3* Timothys AR still works though.

24% leader + 30% weapon + 35%weapon on health 60% + 40% buff. How much of crit do you need more Scopely??? Wtf??? Still no crit zombies.

I would really like to know why this is changed.
It worked fine and i didn’t saw any player asking for this change, so why?
U can’t say player first and then a few months later doing something not a single player wanted.

They nerfed the crits. The more you stack the less it adds. It is no longer possible to hit 100%.

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Amy and timothy should still give guaranteed critical hits, as was pointed out, there was a time when it stopped working correctly and was logged as a bug and fixed.

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This happened before. Why are you guys always messing with Amy, huh scopely? Lol

They took the old forums down at some point, probably in an effort to whitewash issues and get rid the Albert letter

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