Crit boost question

I was recently informed that the weapon mod for 1st and 2nd slot crit boost does nothing to increase the likelihood of disarm, guardian, etc. The only way to boost the likelihood of those skills is with the crit % mod.

This seems legit when I think about it, but my experience tells me otherwise - it feels that the skills pop more frequently with a crit boosted weapon. Thoughts?


For instance, this weapon that I’ve been using for Bruce does nothing for his disarm (setting aside the fact that it is making his hits more powerful when it price)

Crit chance mod and +Crit on weapon both increase the likelihood of disarm procing, they both increase the chance of a critical hit happening. Crit damage mod is the one that doesn’t. Putting more +Crit on a weapon does in fact improve the chance of disarming or having a guardian shield pop.

Edit: It’s the same with a Crit leader too. The +Crit from lead skills improves the chance of landing a critical hit which equates to a guardian shield or disarm when a critical hit is landed from one of those toons


This isn’t complete right or wrong. Yes the +Crit makes the attack more powerful but that’s because it’s a critical hit. Going from +20crit to +30crit doea not change the amount of damage done, those strictly improve the chance of a critical attack happening.

I think you’re getting confused between the difference between Crit Chance and Crit Damage.

Crit Chance, usually represented as +Crit, increases your chances to land a critical hit based on a decreasing marginal returns. You can get +Crit from weapons, leader skills, ARs, and mods.

Crit Damage, which can only be obtained via mods or mod sets, boost the damage your Critical attack will do, in addition to the regular boost of 1.5x.

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That’s backwards. It will increase his chance to crit, which increases his chance to disarm. It does nothing to the amount of damage his crits do.

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Thanks for all of the replies. What you’re all telling me is exactly what I always thought. A teammate recently told me the opposite and was obviously wrong. Thankfully.

It’s likely he’s misunderstanding terminology. It’s an easy mistake to make a lot don’t understand the difference between the 2. I always recommend reading the descriptions of what mods do and what specialist do and what prompts them. A lot of people didn’t realize guardian was dependent of critical hits to pop.

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